While it’s true that public relations and marketing can help elevate your brand, it is important to learn how the two functions differ.

Despite this similarity, PR and marketing fulfill different needs, achieve different goals and vary in pricing.

If you’re a leader wanting to learn how PR can benefit you and your organisation, then read ahead!

Credibility vs ROI

Did you know that the average Australian is more likely to trust something they see in the news as opposed to an ad?

That’s because PR is your credibility machine, and is the perfect way to build trust with your audience.

It will help guide your industry leadership journey, and elevate your presence within your sector.

By being a talking head on issues covered in the news, you will reach a range of target audiences and effectively raise your profile as a respectable figure.

Comparatively, marketing is about calculated ROI (return on investment). It often involves paid promotions and strategically placed advertising .

Although it can be very targeted, it does not always guarantee results, can be time consuming and very expensive.

Industry leadership vs targeted exposure

Do you find that your voice is not being heard within your sector? Are you frustrated that people know very little about your industry and the challenges you face? PR can help you make a real impact and ultimately help tell stories that change lives.

The media is the perfect home to share compelling stories that have a strong call-to-action. If you’re wanting to raise awareness around important social issues, then PR is a great way to do this. Earning media coverage is a fantastic way to drive discussions, communicate your key messages and advocate for change in a public setting.

In comparison, marketing can help amplify your organisation from the perspective of selling a product or service. But if you’re trying to influence debate or amplify your presence as a leader, PR is without doubt the way to go.

Organic promotion vs paid promotion

The biggest difference between PR and marketing is cost. PR can sometimes be referred to as “earned media” or “free media”, because the process of gaining news coverage is thanks to the process of pitching.

PR specialists pitching your narrative to the leading media outlets in the country and placing you at the heart of key issues facing your sector or industry cannot be compared to marketing activity.

Conversely, marketing activity is “paid promotion” because it usually includes the expense of ads, research and placements. While this may get your brand or product in front of a lot of people, it does not build your credibility, convey your integrity and enhance your profile in the way that strong media presence will.

Benefits of PR

PR is a fantastic way to elevate your profile, amplify your industry leadership and gain credibility. Different from marketing, PR is an affordable way to share your story, refine your brand and raise awareness on issues affecting your sector. If you’re serious about building your profile as a respected, trustworthy and credible voice within your industry, then PR is the perfect way to do this.

Tony Nicholls

Tony Nicholls

Founder and Director of Good Talent Media

Tony Nicholls is an accomplished journalist who has held roles for more than ten years with the ABC, SBS and Network Ten, covering thousands of news stories across Victoria, Australia and in the international media.


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