Brand Reputation Management

Good Talent is a full-service brand reputation management agency. Our communications and PR specialists offer a wide range of services from crisis media planning, social media engagement, investor and stakeholder relations, campaign management, political lobbying, public relations and more. We help organisations reach maximum visibility with our tailored brand reputation management strategies. When it comes to a crisis, we give you immediate 24/7 crisis management support. Furthermore, we provide media training and coaching to give you the skills and resources you need to implement an effective crisis media plan independently. We’ve worked with a diverse range of industries and have the experience to deliver integrated PR and media solutions as well as personalised training and coaching plans for your organisation’s objectives. Book a consultation with our PR consultants today.

Melbourne & Sydney Brand Reputation Management Services

Our broadcast journalism experience allows us to provide media engagement opportunities for Melbourne and Sydney organisations. We have the mainstream network connections to facilitate the widest reach so your story can be told and heard by the right people. We’ve worked with national news outlets such as 10, The Guardian, Vice, SBS, ABC, and more. When you want to reach your audience with relevant content, narrative and media messaging, we help you find your voice and take control of the conversation surrounding your organisation.
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Create A Personalised Brand Reputation Strategy For Your Company

Custom Integrated PR & Communications Media Strategies

Bring value to your organisation and protect your brand image in the long run with our integrated PR and communications media strategies. We can create a responsive reputation management plan to elevate your brand in times of crises. We help you drive growth for your business and capitalise on this momentum of publicity to sway public perception in your favour. Discuss your needs with our team today to create a customised plan that works for your brand.

We Offer Ongoing Brand Reputation Monitoring And Protection

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Social Media Engagement and 24/7 Crisis Media Planning

Good Talent is a boutique agency with big-agency experience and thinking. We’ve managed clients from various sectors, understanding the needs of their brief. We’re able to help you navigate your industry’s commercial and political climate, providing incredible coverage when it comes to media engagement for your brand protection. When you want a comprehensive, custom-tailored reputation management service that lets you deal with the press immediately, our specialty lies in dealing with adverse media. We build and manage your social media across multiple platforms, generating interest and positive publicity when you need it most. We can help you suppress the negative press, manage backlash and deal with news outlets, journalists and editors on your behalf. From creating well-curated press releases to responding to reviews, engaging with social media, carrying out interviews, and more, we offer 24/7 crisis media planning to give you the space to breathe and rebuild your reputation.

Media Training & Interview Coaching For Organisation Public Figures

Are you struggling to control the flow of an interview, dreading public speaking engagements, or simply overwhelmed by the sheer volume of media obligations you need to handle? Good Talent can prepare your people when it comes to dealing with and talking to adverse media. It’s important that you’re able to instate qualified spokespersons for your organization, whether this is trusted key personnel or someone from senior leadership. We offer media training and interview coaching as well as crisis media planning to empower your people. When you have a capable figure in your organisation who can manage your reputation when negative press occurs, you’ll have the skills, tools and resources you need ready at all times to quickly and correctly respond to the unexpected backlash. This will help you protect your reputation in the long run and add immense value to your brand.

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Let Us Handle Damage Control & Protect You From The Fallout

Good Talent provides PR and media strategies as well as training and coaching to equip you with the resources and skills to independently act in the aftermath of a crisis. We also take on 24/7 crisis media planning to take the pressure off your hands and are used to dealing with the press and online social media on your behalf. Are you dealing with or expecting a PR crisis anytime soon? Or do you need immediate damage control from the fallout of negative publicity? We can quickly intervene, help you plan and deliver a personalised media strategy that benefits your reputation and effectively protects your brand image. Call us today to assist your organisation and enjoy reliable results.


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