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How a brand bounces back from bad press defines it for the rest of its existence. It makes or breaks an organisation, and determines whether it will be a business that stays or goes. With good PR, bad news can be short-lived, and your organisation can resume operations as usual and strengthen your performance. You’ll be seen as a great example in your industry for your resilience and quick thinking. This, however, will not be possible without great PR skills. Our public relations management program offers you the training to equip you with the key skills you need in the main areas of focus in PR. This includes strategic communications, media relations, community relations, internal and stakeholder relations, crisis communications, public affairs, online and social media communications as well as other skills that will prepare your organization in the long run for any and every eventuality. Call Good Talent Media today and discover how we can help support your business goals.

Reap The Benefits Of Our Public Relations Management

Many organisations make the mistake of assuming they don’t need to be media-savvy. Whether you’re in finance, a consumer brand, or a government agency, you’ll constantly engage with people internally and externally as an organisation. It is due to this fact that PR has taken such a central role for many brands in order to deal with the public the right way. This is especially vital in times of crises where negative press can escalate to such a point and do irreversible damage to your reputation.

Good Talent offers public relations management so you can make the most of your media assets and media engagements. We help you find and capitalise on media opportunities and increase your visibility, as well as protect your reputation when bad press hits. This way, you’ll have a clearly defined media communications and PR strategy in place for your brand. The following are just some examples of how your organisation will benefit as a whole when you invest in an online public relations course:


  • Increase networking connections and become a major industry leader
  • Improve key presentation and public speaking skills to maximise media opportunities
  • Develop and deliver the right messaging that is consistent for your brand
  • Engage your target audience, community and the public meaningfully
  • Respond to unexpected scenarios with the right crisis media planning strategy
  • Mitigate reputational damage and rebuild your brand right away when you need it
public relations courses online

We Help You Figure Out The Right Timing & The Right Message

Our public relations management will equip your people with the communications, campaign organisation and event management skills they need to maintain your brand reputation through emergency situations and crises. Time and cost-saving, it is an important investment that empowers your people with the confidence and key competencies they need to plan and execute coordinated PR efforts to help your organisation achieve its business objectives. Good Talent Media’s top priority is understanding your priorities as an organisation to establish a system built on strategies to support these outcomes. We work closely with clients to deliver a planned and sustained integrated strategy. Our main goal is to help you get the right message across to your target audience at the right time. This incorporates various PR and communications outlets spanning from traditional media, online media to press releases, TV commercials, interviews with journalists, social media postings and more.

Effective Media Relations & The Art Of Campaign Management

public relations courses online
We help you master the art of campaign management. If you’d like to become a master of messaging and be well-versed in the latest communication tools, we can help you elevate your brand with effective communication, campaign development, and strategic planning initiatives to improve your image and protect your reputation in the long term.

In today’s digital age, the public, media and your target audience have never been more intertwined. This feedback cycle makes the ability to create, maintain and control your messaging more important than ever. Consequently, public relation is an essential central function for any public-facing organisation. When you want compelling media exposure, Good Talent can help you develop exceptional PR and communication skills across a diverse range of platforms.

Being Proactive In Your Crisis Management & Public Affairs

From how to best introduce a product or service, tackling sensitive development in your industry to handling crises, we help you take a proactive, planned and consistent approach to your communications, crisis management and public affairs.

24/7 Crisis Media Planning To Help You Stay On Top

We help you stay on top of your industry with 24/7 crisis media support and crisis media training. When you have a clear crisis management plan in place, you’ll be able to resolve issues quickly before they escalate to minimize their media impact and exposure for your brand. This effectively protects your reputation and lets you rely upon strong relationships with stakeholders and the media. You’ll never know when an opportunity might come, or when a fire needs to be put out. It’s why we provide training and coaching so you can develop clear, actionable crisis media strategies in case of emergencies.

Public Affairs, Political Lobbying & Corporate Communication

Public affairs is a specialised subset in PR and an extremely valuable asset to your organisation. It lets you maintain and take advantage of relations between organisations, politicians, governments, and other key players or decision-makers in your industry when it serves your interests. By dealing with matters of regulatory compliance, corporate communications, and labour relations, we can help you utilise your connections effectively, increase networking opportunities and navigate any legislative change and industry challenges in the best way possible.

Cultivating Great Relationships In The Media and The Public

The main objective of building your PR skills is to cultivate a good relationship between your organisation and the public. Creating and maintaining a positive relationship with stakeholders is crucial to the success of your brand. If the public perception of a company is negative, consumers will find other alternatives and avoid your products or services. Our online public relations course will give you the training, tools and resources you need when it comes to generating and sustaining positive engagement in the public eye. We help you implement innovative, on-brand communications and PR strategies directly aimed at your target audience.

public relations courses online

Optimise Your Social Media Campaign With Your New Skills

The importance of online and social media communications cannot be overstated. For one, many customers turn to the web for purchase decisions. Additionally, the success of attracting new talent today is very much influenced by the media. When you invest in our public relations management, you’ll be able to capitalise on all available channels including social media. We’ll coach you on how to build a strong online presence as well as generate leads and build brand relationships through online social media channels.

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