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Good Talent is a full-service strategic PR and communications firm with strong networks. We’re known as a reputation management agency for established Australian brands. We help organisations find their voice, tell their story and engage the media to the fullest. When you want incredible reach, reliable results and an integrated approach to your brand’s PR campaign, our mainstream media connections allow you unparalleled engagement opportunities to influence your audience. Furthermore, we not only provide ongoing reputation management support, we specialise in immediate crisis media planning. We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in Australia, from corporations, CEOs, political organisations to local councils, government agencies and government departments. If you’re looking for an online reputation management Melbourne agency, Good Talent has the experience to frame your story in a way that meets your professional needs effectively.

Online Reputation Management Australia — Brand Protection

Fight Online Backlash and Get Ongoing Critical Support

A brand you’ve spent years building can be destroyed by a single news publication. With all of that work undone, the fallout from negative backlash can prove insurmountable for some businesses. What allows organisations to overcome such intense public and media scrutiny is a proactive, strategic and thoroughly planned response. Good Talent is an online reputation management company specialising in crisis media, brand protection, coaching, training, communications and PR strategies. We’re experienced in delivering both traditional and digital media narratives and messaging that’s right for your brand in times of crisis. We’ve worked with a diverse range of clients from various industries and are able to help you navigate the legal, social, political, and ethical climate of adverse media. Furthermore, when you need us to handle journalists, editors and news outlets on your behalf, we can provide ongoing support and take the pressure off you.

Create A Personalised Crisis Media Plan For Your Company

Good Talent will work with your media manager and senior leadership team to provide a customised, step-by-step and easy-to-use crisis management plan. Each publication and social media post will be pre-written and vetted for every possible crisis situation. In the digital age, it’s crucial to actively promote and protect your brand, especially in the aftermath of negative press. Our PR consultants can help your organisation implement strategies and provide you with the tools and resources you need to take interviews, make statements and craft your story with confidence.

A Reputation Management Company That Gives You The Right Results

Take Control and Rebuild With Online Media Opportunities

At Good Talent, we plan your campaign strategy to create reliable results that will protect your brand reputation in the long term. More importantly, when everything has transitioned to digital media, we know not every organisation is equipped to generate the right results through online channels. With our experience in broadcast journalism and networking connections, Good Talent is uniquely positioned to facilitate the right engagement opportunities when you need them the most. We can help you shape and control the narrative of your story through proactive and reactive strategies. This applies to social media and websites as well as more traditional media outlets such as radio, TV and newspapers. We integrate a multiplatform approach, using a creative and intelligence-led communications and PR strategy, which is the key to modern reputation management. We help you influence the public and optimise your digital presence. This way, you can productively work to rebuild your online presence and standing. Talk to our team today to create a customised strategy for your brand.

online reputation management melbourne

Get Immediate Intervention For Your Online Reputation Management

online reputation management melbourne

We Intervene and Provide Quick Damage Control On Your Behalf

We understand negative attention can be too much sometimes. It’s why we offer to take the heat for you and give you the space to breathe while the story passes. We produce online media content for journalists and handle media enquiries on your behalf. From managing any contact with news outlets to creating well-planned press releases and messaging for your audience, to responding to negative Google reviews, and providing various intermediary services, we can help you meet your objectives and restore your reputation. Our focus is helping your organisation reclaim the conversation so you can find your voice and be heard by the right people. We help you suppress backlash and create positive engagement in the media to put you back on the map in a better light.

In-Person And Virtual Media Training For Your Organisation

Build Confidence In Your Spokespersons With Media Training

If you’ve been having trouble carrying out interviews, public speaking and media appearances, we provide media training and coaching to help you build on those necessary skills. This way, you can plan your story, guide the outcome of an interview and convey your message confidently to get the results you want. Your key leaders and media personnel will be able to plan and execute the right engagement strategy.

Manage Your Online Reputation With Experts From Good Talent

In a crisis, lack of planning and resources can lead to devastating, lasting damage to your reputation. This is extremely true in the age of social media, where bad press can quickly escalate and the media moves faster than ever to capitalise on any negative publicity. When you want to be prepared to handle any eventuality, Good Talent is ready to help you respond to a crisis quickly and correctly to effectively protect your reputation in the long run. From political lobbying, crisis media planning, social media engagement, labour, stakeholder and investor relations, campaign management, to public affairs, our communications and PR agency offers the most comprehensive range of online reputation management Sydney and Melbourne services. Talk to experts from Good Talent today to work out how to best protect your brand’s online reputation.


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