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At Good Talent Media we’ve mixed the old and the new to give you the best of both worlds. With time-tested strategies from some of Australia’s top PR and Media experts combined with modern digital media and advertising methods, we create comprehensive and innovative campaigns that generate real results. As a leading media agency in Melbourne, we work with companies, peak bodies, small businesses, large corporations, not-for-profits, CEOs, local government, and government agencies, helping you get your message out there and achieve the results you’re looking for. Call now to discuss your needs with our team today and work closely with you to create a custom media campaign.
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Why Choose Good Talent Media?

Over the last decade Australia’s media scene has become incredibly competitive, especially online. It takes something special to stand out and grab the attention of an audience, whether that’s your customers, politicians, stakeholders or the general public. When you choose Good Talent Media, our team will work closely with you to understand your brand, your goals, and your current place in the media. As one of the leading media companies Melbourne, we use all the information provided to create a tailored media campaign or advertising plan that puts your name on the map.

Full-Service Media Campaign Management

Whether you’re looking to boost your sales, grow your company, or put your brand and image in front of the right people, we can create a full-featured and comprehensive custom media campaign. Our campaigns involve optimising your online presence, creating an advertising strategy, implementing SEO, and fine tuning and managing your social media. Our team will create content, viral marketing and remarketing strategies and much more to build your brand and get your message to the people that need to hear it most.

Training and Coaching

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If you’re looking to take your campaign one step further with media appearances, interviews, and public appearances, we have a team of expert coaches ready to help you improve your skills and build your confidence. We offer several courses that can be personalized to meet your needs. You’ll learn how to plan a speech, be a better interviewee, guide interviews to meet your goals, and much more. In addition, more information on our presentation skills and public speaking training courses.

Call Good Talent Media Agency Melbourne

Good Talent are so much more than just a media agency. We’re your personal media team, assisting you through the good and the bad to keep you coming out on top. As well as campaign management, advertising and media training in Sydney and Melbourne, we provide crisis management, public relations, video production and more. As current and ex-journalists, we’ve seen both sides of the media, and know exactly what it takes to get results. If you’re looking for a media agency Melbourne that will work side by side with you, choose Good Talent Media. Call now to discuss your needs with our team.


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