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We Deliver Actionable Branding and Media Strategies

As a full-service strategic PR and communication firm with strong networks, we deliver clear actionable branding and media strategies focused on your objectives. We organise and execute events and launches, media training, crisis management plans, corporate training and more to bring value and mainstream relevance to your business. When you want your PR and communications run to perfection, Good Talent offers tailored support with big-agency thinking, flexibility, creativity and individuality.

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Isn't PR dead?

This is a popular myth that makes us wet ourselves. Media Relations, Media Advocacy, PR, Publicity; whatever you want to call it puts you into the national conversation.... It helps raise funding, get legislation changed, attracts members and clients. Telling your story is an art. Having the right public relationships and positioning is crucial.

How long has GTM been around?

If you're bootstrapping a startup with zero revenue absolutely not. If you're well established and have 20 plus 10 years this year. Thousands of media training clients....Close to thousands of PR clients. close to thousands of reputation management clients. ANZ coverage, Australia and New Zealand.

What is the GTM PR process?

Story Creation Meeting.
Proactive and Reactive media pitching.
Creation of a 12-month plan....

Coordinating interviews and media placements.

What are the benefits of GTM style PR?

You get to stand out as a for-purpose brand.
Your issues become central to the national narrative.
Creation of a 12-month plan....
You get featured nationally.
You become known and listened to by key Ministers
You get access to 24/7 brand protection if media turns nasty

What's the difference between PR and Marketing?

Although the two have the common goal of promoting and enhancing your organisations's image, they are actually hugely different....
PR is about utilising the media machine to gain huge credibility and enhance your reputation the most organic way.Becoming the number one source that journalists covering your field will call on all topics related to your industry can do huge things when it comes to raising funding, changing legislation or whatever your goals and dreams are.

I'm nervous to be in front of the camera and don't have much experience, is PR right for me?

Our team of ex-journalists and PR specialists will provide you with hands on media training which will help you find your voice and fine tune your message5...
Whether you're a seasoned interviewer or a complete beginner, we can tailor our services to you - all aimed at making you good talent.

What about data?

Our team has years of experience across a range of disciplines including Public Relations, Media Training, Thought Leadership, Political Lobbying, Crisis Media, and more....Whether you’re a not-for-profit, peak body, small business, large corporate, CEO, local government, or government agency, Good Talent Media is equipped with the skill and the means to help you attain your goals.

What does GTM do?

Media Training/Crisis Media Training
Digital Reputation management
Social Media Management...
24/7 cyber focused brand protection
Public Relations
Podcast Production
Media Relations
Media Advocacy
Crisis Media Management

What can GTM offer?

Inclusions - 12 month PR plan, 1 to 3 media hits a month. Two strategy session meetings a month. What do we need to bring to the table?You need strong stories,... case studies, strong calls to action and the ability to bring key partners or other industry figures into your stories.How would your career and company change if you were seen as your industry's leader? It's a good one to think about. If every room you walked into, you were acknowledged as your industry leader, how would that change your organisation?

How are results measured?

We anticipate 1-4 media hits per month. Each quarter we will provide you with a coverage book and analytic summary which will include your reach,... engagement, domain authority and other media metrics.

Who is suited to PR?

Company wise you need to be prepared to bounce reactively off all the media issues that affect your sector. Personality wise you need to be prepared to have a go,... not focus on perfection and tell your story

Who is the best fit for GTM?

Anyone in the for-purpose sector. We try to tell stories that change lives. If you want legislation change, government funding, urgent national education... and awareness of your issues.

Is it affordable?

If you're bootstrapping a startup with zero revenue absolutely not. If you're well established and have 20 plus employees with strong industry contacts it's very affordable.... GTM is super competitive and way underpriced for the service level and results delivered.

What is the GTM style?

We're built on relationships. We're not transactional. It's a get going and make it happen style. We're an authority, definitely not order takers....



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