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Good Talent Media specialises in public relations strategy for established Australian organisations. We help corporate brands, CEOs, local councils, government agencies and other organisations engage the media constructively through industry change and unexpected crises. We understand the different needs of your industry sector and are able to help you navigate its commercial and political climate. Our PR specialists have over 20 years of broadcast journalism experience, we’re able to help you find opportunities for media engagement and get your message across to the right people. We’re well-connected when it comes to mainstream media, having worked with nationally renowned outlets such as ABC, SBS, 10, The Guardian, Vice and other networks. When you want great publicity, maximum audience reach and on-brand narrative messaging, Good Talent’s PR specialists are the team you want to collaborate with.

Public Relations Strategy For Australian Organisations

Do you find yourself under intense media scrutiny? Do you need someone to take the pressure off your brand and help you protect your reputation? With many examples of public relations strategies available, we’ve created a systematic and results-oriented approach that we regularly apply for our clients. As such, Australian organisations continuously rely on our PR and media expertise to stay on top of their industry and protect their brand image.

public relations strategy

What Good Talent Media Can Do For Your Brand

Good Talent Media’s public relations tactic covers the following areas:

We find opportunities for media engagement for your brand

We are uniquely positioned to help you find your voice and tell your story. With our network connections, you’ll be able to have a maximum range, visibility, and cultural impact.

We train your people and coordinate them so you can have a reliable public figure to represent your brand

We offer media training and interview coaching for your key spokespersons. This way, they’ll have the confidence to handle unexpected situations and handle press releases, interviews, and any media appearances comfortably to meet your objectives.


We get your message across through various publications

Our niche lies in connecting your message with the media, we understand the broad and unique scope of different client roles to be able to communicate to the right audience at the right time.


We connect you to traditional and online news outlets

When you want to keep that dialogue going, we help you network and establish a system on all fronts, from social media channels to Radio, TV, to traditional news. We’ll make sure your campaign is effective and on-brand across different platforms.

We offer 24/7 crisis planning and deal with the media for you

When you need someone to take the heat and manage media inquiries, interviews and news outlets on your behalf during times of crises, Good Talent can help you protect your brand reputation.

Crisis Media, Public Relations Strategies and Tactics

In addition to our public relations strategy examples, our specialty lies in crisis planning for your organisation. When you’re facing reputational damage, Good Talent can help you in damage control for your brand protection. We offer 24/7 crisis calls and are able to deal with the media on your behalf. This way, you can have the space to breathe and use your resources to rebuild your brand reputation. For 24/7 damage control and crisis media planning services as well as training, hire PR specialists from Good Talent Media.

public relations strategy

Let Your Voice Be Heard With Good Talent Media

When you want a constant stream of media opportunities that lets you get in front of a big audience and an efficient, friendly PR team who are genuinely passionate about the work they do, choose Good Talent Media. We invest the time and attention to really understand your brief and campaign objectives as a client, and always go the extra mile to achieve great results. We help you create solid connections with journalists and build a strong network within your industry and community. But more importantly, we build our client’s reputation through the media through an integrated multi-platform approach. Discuss your needs with our PR experts today to begin organising your campaign.


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