Presentation Skills Course Melbourne

Improve your public speaking and presentation skills with Good Talent Public Relations Media’s public speaking specialists. We offer the leading public speaking and presentation skills course Melbourne, training executives and their teams personally to improve your skills and excel in any public speaking situation. In both our standard and advanced courses our experts will work directly with you to help you to become a better public speaker or presenter. Talk to our team today for more information and book our course today for you or your team.

Best Public Speaking Courses Melbourne

Our courses are specialised for CEOs and executives, helping you speak at a high in front of your team or audience. However, our courses aren’t limited to executives and CEOs and can be undertaken by anyone wishing to improve their presentation skills. Our public speaking courses Melbourne usually run with small groups of 4-6 people to ensure you get personalised support in a comfortable setting. Both our standard and advanced include a four-hour initial session, plus two one-hour CEO follow-up sessions and 12 months of ongoing public speaking and media interview support, as well as media crisis management. If you have specific skills you need to work on our coaches can customise your course to cater to your needs. Talk to our team today for more information on personalising your presentation skills course.

Virtual Training

We offer all our presentation & public speaking courses in a virtual format. Our team will meet with you on your preferred platform and guide you through the course, dedicating time to helping you work on your skills. Confidently prepare for any type of speech with our virtual public speaking courses Melbourne.

Presentation Skills Course Melbourne Content

Presentation Skills Course Melbourne

Our course covers everything from planning a speech to using humour and interacting with the audience. While we have a standard set course that covers a range of topics, all our courses are subject to change based on your needs. We tailor our courses to give you the results you’re looking for, spending more or less time on specific areas and including personalised topics where required. Our standard course covers:

  • How to present your message clearly
  • Preparing a great speech quickly
  • How to manage your fear and build confidence
  • How to calm your nerves
  • Planning and writing a speech
  • How to engage the audience
  • Using humour in speeches

Live Presentation Practice

As well as learning, throughout our course, you’ll have the opportunity to put your presentation skills into action. We guide you through the process of planning, writing, preparing and delivering a great presentation. You’ll give several presentations and speeches during the course and build strong presentation skills. Our instructors work closely with you, providing detailed feedback on your presentations and helping you implement new techniques that will improve your presentations.

Presentation Skills Course Melbourne

Why Choose Good Talent Media?

For years, Good Talent Media have been providing personalised training for companies, organisations, entrepreneurs, politicians and more. We help you improve your skills for all things PR in Melbourne & Sydney, including public speaking and presentations, interviews, crisis management and more. We also offer a range of management services and can work closely with you to manage public relations, campaigns, social media and more. Our team of experts are excited to help you reach your best for public relations. Discuss your needs with our team today by calling 1300 258 995 and book the top public speaking presentation skills course Melbourne for yourself or your team today.


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