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The main driving forces of media objectives for organisations are building relationships, raising awareness and ultimately, growing sales as a result. These won’t be possible without the help of media buying agencies. Good Talent PR Agency is a media buying agency who can help you successfully launch a media relations campaign that fulfils the above objectives with a sensitivity to your client brief. We identify the best timing, establish markets for reaching your target audience and recommend the budget to achieve your goals. When you want someone to help you plan and execute your media campaign, we have insight into different target audiences as we track ad campaigns for different industries regularly. We provide a constant stream of media engagement opportunities for our clients, and help them implement various PR, media planning and media buying strategies to increase sales and brand publicity. Talk to us today to create maximum visibility for your brand and products.

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As the top media buying agency Sydney and Melbourne brands rely on for their campaign success, we understand the right way to market your brand and products like no other digital media buying agency. Media buying is a truly essential part of today’s marketing. If you’re considering whether media buying is a good option for your brand, Good Talent is the leading media buying and media planning agency Melbourne and Sydney organisations trust for reliable results. From selecting the right media to meet your marketing goals to negotiating the best media rates and purchasing the media, our media planners and media buyers work in combination to meet your commercial and financial objectives. We help you reach your goals from brand awareness to increased sales and publicity.

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The Importance Of Media Buying For Your Brand

Why is media buying important? In reality, it’s not enough to have compelling copy and visuals. What a strategically purchased media can do is simply too effective to pass up. Media buying is important because not only can it impact a campaign’s outcome, but determine its success. Ads need to be placed in the right locations, at the right times and frequencies to reach the right audience and generate your desired customer response.

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What makes us different from other media buying agencies Australia has to offer is our unique positionality as a well-connected PR & communications group. Our mainstream media connections give you an established network that lets you capitalise on all aspects of your campaign strategy. We focus on generating interest for your products, building a following for your brand, and ultimately, position you as an industry leader so your goals are met and you can enjoy sustainable results.

How Media Buying Strategies Work And Help You Compete

We’ve established how strategically purchased media impacts a campaign’s overall success. It’s about connecting your products to your clients, yet many business owners ask, how does this work in practice? Good Talent applies three basic rules to structure your media buying strategy. This is as simple as:

Using the right media

From TV, radio, traditional news outlets to social media channels, we help you use the right platform to communicate your message for the most effective response.

Running the ad at the right time

It’s all about timing. We monitor for performance, industry changes and trends as well as any commercial or political factors that will influence your campaign results and use this information to your benefit.

Targeting the right audience

There is a psychology to targeting your audience. We understand your customer profile and create a campaign specifically designed to target their demographic.
At Good Talent, we apply the right strategy to create maximum exposure for your brand to the right people. We help your organisation stand out among competitors and effectively generate interest for your customer base.

Take Your Campaign To The Next Level With Good Talent

Good Talent is the best media buying agency to take your campaign to the next level. Work with us today to achieve outstanding results for your brand. Our media experts are always ready to discuss your needs and organise a custom-tailored media campaign for your organisation.


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