Reputation Management

It can be overwhelming to deal with adverse media when your reputation is at stake. At Good Talent Media, we’re dedicated to protecting the key interests and reputation of your organisation. We offer online reputation management services from digital reputation management to crisis media planning and training for your organisation. We’re experts in all things digital communications and PR, always staying up to date on the latest current affairs when it comes to your industry, the media and the public. You never know when you’ll find an opportunity on your hands, or a crisis that needs an immediate solution. It’s why we’re committed to being there for you. When you need to put out fires and focus on rebuilding, we can take the heat off of you and give you the space to breathe. We take 24/7 crisis calls, help you develop a crisis communications plan that is clear, concise and on-brand. When you want to respond promptly with precision, resolve the issue and clear your name in the media, Good Talent gives you maximum coverage, incredible visibility and ongoing support to reach your desired outcomes.

Australia’s Leading Online Reputation Management Agency

We take your reputation management online seriously, coming up with a comprehensive, custom-tailored plan that suits your brand objectives. When you want immediate, hands-on assistance, we’re the most reliable online reputation management agency. We can help you in key areas to effectively rebuild your online presence when a crisis strikes. From internet reputation management on social media, public affairs, strategic communications, PR and branding strategies as well as stakeholder relations and 24/7 crisis planning—Good Talent is the leading online reputation management company for Australian organisations.
reputation management

Get A Comprehensive Digital Reputation Management Strategy

Tailored Online Reputation Management For Business Outcomes

Getting the right results through online channels can be difficult. It’s why at Good Talent we develop a comprehensive digital reputation management strategy on all fronts to create favourable outcomes for your organisation. From branding and campaign management to social media engagement to responding to bad publicity and reviews when negative press hits the media, we help you expand your network, maximise audience reach and capitalise on opportunities for the results you want.

24/7 Crisis Management & Crisis Media Communications Support

24/7 Crisis Planning, Media Training & Interview Coaching

We provide training, coaching as well as 24/7 crisis planning support to empower your media and communications team in times of crises. When you want to make statements, carry out interviews and convey your message confidently, we equip you with the skills, tools and resources you need to succeed. We help you develop a planned and consistent approach to crisis management so you can make the most of your media and stakeholder relations. We can also immediately handle media correspondence on behalf of your organisation should you ever need it.

Represent Your Brand Professionally With A Public Figure

We can train your key personnel, senior leadership and communications team to create a public figure to represent your brand in the media. This way, you’ll have someone reliable in your organisation’s internal structure to plan and execute key decisions in mitigating backlash and negative exposure from adverse media.

Rebuild Your Online Presence With Good Talent Media

Your online business reputation management matters. At Good Talent, we help you build a meaningful relationship with your target audience and the public through media opportunities. We specialise in creating compelling news stories and exposure for your brand. We can help you generate consistent, sustained interest in your brand through positive engagement on various media channels. In times of crises or industry change, we help you rebuild your online presence quickly with coordinated strategic communications, PR and media relations. When you want to reach your key audience with on-brand narrative media and messaging, we put you in the spotlight at the right time so your voice is heard. Talk to us today to see how we can help you meet your organisation’s goals.


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