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It can take years to build a brand, and just hours to tear it all back down again. You need someone on your team that can stop your brand from self-destructing. PR Agency in Melbounre Good Talent Media specialises in reputation management for peak bodies, not-for-profits, SME businesses, corporations, CEOs, political organisations, local councils, government agency and government departments. While we provide ongoing brand reputation management, our specialty lies in live and immediate crisis management, framing your story in a way that meets your needs.

Why Choose Us for Brand Reputation Management?

MWe’re a team of ex-journalists with decades of experience behind us as one of the most trusted public relations agency in Melbourne. We know what people expect, and need, to hear, and help you to get your message to them in a way that’s going to work for the benefit of everyone. If you’ve got something to say, our team will work closely with you to help you get your words out there the right way. When it comes to brand reputation management, we’re ahead of the curve. Industry experience, strong media connections, and reliable outlets and distribution let us develop, position and deliver your key message to the right people at the right time.

Offline and Online Brand Reputation Management

While everything is moving online, we know not every business is going to get the right result through online channels. Being able to shape and control the narrative within traditional media outlets (Radio, TV, Newspaper) through proactive and reactive strategies, as well as through online channels (Social Media, Website) is the key to modern reputation management. Our specialist reputation management team uses powerful and effective techniques to influence search results and optimise your digital presence. If you’re aiming to rebuild your online presence, our team can create comprehensive internet reputation management strategies to generate excellent results. Talk to our team today for more information on online brand reputation management.

We’re by Your Side Through It All

online reputation management

Our brand reputation specialists are no strangers to attention. When the story’s hot we produce online media content for journalists and can handle media enquiries on your behalf. Let our team take the pressure off you and give you space to breathe as the story passes. We handle online enquiries and contact as well, managing and responding to negative Google reviews, contacting the websites and individuals that have made the reviews, and inserting ourselves into the conversation to better understand and manage your reputation. Ultimately, we aim to suppress negative links and to build more positive reviews about you until your reputation is repaired.

Take your damaging press to the graveyard!

What to do when a crisis strikes?

When a crisis blows up unexpectedly an organisation can suddenly find itself the subject of intense media scrutiny. If you’re dealing with an unanticipated media crisis, we can deal with reporters and the press on your behalf in order to contain the issue, and then address it with messages that work to optimise your reputation.

We manage your messages across all of your communication platforms effectively to convey the message you want. We help companies control publicity crises by controlling the story, and the best way to control a story is to have experienced journalists writing it.

PR is all about Storytelling

Facts aren’t stories. But the way facts are put together by a journalist to tell a story can be critical to your reputation. Sometimes you need a professional to put the facts into a context that explains your organisation’s position.

That doesn’t mean ignoring the facts, it means engaging with them in the best light. Organisations that deal with a PR crisis proactively, honestly and clearly are much more likely to communicate better and keep their professional reputations intact.

Crisis Media Planning

A crisis media plan gives CEO’s and executives a plan and framework that enables them to proactively respond to a crisis within their organisation or industry.

A crisis plan makes everyone’s roles clear, identifies and anticipates possible future problems, and outlines exactly what to say and what not to say should a crisis arrive.

Organisations that manage crisis situations well limit reputation damage and are able to quickly help shape the media narrative breaking around them.

Crisis Communications Plan

A Crisis Communications Plan is crucial to managing unexpected media emergencies that may affect the image, reputation and even the sales and productivity of your organisation.

A Crisis Communications Plan enables you to respond immediately with positive content, precisely and confidently during an emergency in the hours and days that follow.

Ongoing PR Crisis Management Plans

If you’re experiencing serious ongoing issues, we engage and educate journalists and news editors about your industry and company. We get your message across, get you quoted correctly in articles and get online articles corrected if they have given a negative review or they are grossly inaccurate.

We can also arrange meetings for your CEO with influential journalists in Melbourne and Sydney to help your organisation build relationships and break down stereotypes.

If your industry or organisation is constantly getting negative press, that won’t change until you start participating in the conversation. Our business reputation management plans can help you be more proactive than your competitors and gain a publicity edge.

Black Ops - Digital Media Crisis Strategy

At Good Talent Digital, we understand the damage done to online profiles due to negative publicity. Articles can linger for years. Bad reviews can jeopardize a business reputation to the point where new sales evaporate. All because of some negative press and a simple Google search – Keywords can often unearth information no longer relevant, or that you never want to be seen.

That’s why we’ve created our Digital Crisis Strategy. We work with Google’s algorithms to minimize the damage done to businesses. Our aim is to minimize the impact of negative publicity. We do this through:

  • Creating/Strengthening your online profile with impacting content
  • Optimizing all Social Media Strategy
  • Enhancing your positive online footprint
  • Pushing negative press-articles down
  • Building Strong Google My Business Strategy
  • Enhancing positive positioning for all keyword searches
  • Consulting on an impacting Review Strategy

Crisis Plan Content Checklist

Who are the key spokespeople in the event of a crisis?
What crisis could occur at any moment?
What issues will always occur cyclically?
How will you use your social media channels?
How will you engage the media?
What are your key priorities?
Who are your key partners?
What are your key messages?
How quickly will you correct inaccurate reporting?

Creating your documents

We will work with your media manager and senior leadership group to create a customised, step by step, easy to use media crisis plan. Media messages and social media posts will be pre-written for every conceivable crisis.

Contact Good Talent Media Today

Whether you need ongoing and comprehensive brand reputation management, or you’ve found yourself in the middle of a Black Ops level crisis, our experienced team is here to manage the situation and come out on top. Contact us for more information on any of our services or book a consultation with our team today to get started. We’re looking forward to working with you.


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