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Telling stories that change lives.
Good Talent Media is the leading PR agency for not-for-profits, peak bodies and associations. Work closely with an experienced team as we handle your entire PR campaign and get your message to the world.

With a complete understanding of the current media landscape and a wealth of experience and resources in our arsenal, we help you engage and showcase like never before. Our PR and communications strategies create maximum visibility and cultural impact for your cause.

How do you find the right media trainer?

Media Training is the most satisfying job I’ve done outside interviewing Prime Ministers and filing for the ABC. A good media trainer will work with the whole person. All of their fears and all of their high and low level skills. A good media trainer helps people take their game to the next level in the media and it’s always a privilege and it’s always different.

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Tony Nicholls

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John Sullivan

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Like Caffeine for Your Brand Image

Good Talent Media is focused on powering your brand image and PR, bringing energy and clarity into every message. As a full-service communications and PR agency in Auckland, our strategies span every area of PR to deliver exceptional results.

Whether you’re looking to get your brand and message into the hands of those that need it, or looking to develop your brand image into something new completely, we can make it happen.
Combine this with media training and campaign management and you’ve got a force to be reckoned with.

Your Partner in Public Relations

Whether you’re looking to create urgency, spread an important message, generate interest, attract sponsors and donors or manage an immediate crisis, Good Talent is by your side. Our team is made up of PR experts and ex-journalists with years of experience and connections. We’ve worked with industry leaders, public figures and influential organisations, and platforms including ABC, SBS, 10, BBC, The Guardian, Vice, Crikey, 3AW and more.

We’re not just another PR Agency pushing worn out strategies. Good Talent Media is your partner in PR, offering advice and guidance and delivering clever campaigns. Discuss your goals with us today and start your journey to effective PR.

your partner in public relations

We target the right platforms for PR in New Zealand

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Public Relations

Media Management

Media Training


Lobbying & Campaigns

Reputation Management

Media & Marketing

PR with a Focus on the Public

Protecting and Promoting Your Brand Through The Media

We’re passionate about telling the stories of organisations, leaders and corporations who are out there to make a difference. With the perfect message to the right audience, we lift you above the noise so you can get your message to the world.

We’ve worked with some of Australia’s biggest not-for-profits and peak bodies, delivering big-agency ideas with the flexibility of a personal PR agent. All for less than the price of an intern. Now we’re ready to do the same in New Zealand.

media suite production capabilities

Full PR & Media Suite Production Capabilities

As a leading public relations agency, we’ve got a complete suite for media production, providing everything required to get the results you’re after.

We’re far more affordable than hiring a PR specialist, with many times the capabilities. From product launches, sponsorship activities and business stories to media placements, media relations, crisis management, corporate communications and more, we’ve got everything needed to make it happen.

Now with our New Zealand team, we understand the New Zealand market as well as Australia’s, with the benefit of innovative strategies. Trust Good Talent PR Agency Auckland to deliver the results you need and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer social media management?

While we don’t always offer social media management as a standalone service, as we’re not a social media agency, social media is often a huge part of our PR strategy. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok are a driving force behind many of today’s social and cultural phenomena.

Ignoring its impact when crafting your brand story and PR strategy would be like intentionally crippling ourselves. We’re here to create change, so what kind of agency would we be if we were ignoring where the change was happening.

What does a PR agency do?

A PR agency is a team of strategists who work to craft and deliver your story in an engaging, informative and clear way. We help you to build relationships with key stakeholders like media, customers, investors, influencers and other agencies, as well as helping you manage your reputation across both traditional and digital media channels.

What is a full-service public relations agency?

A full-service PR agency is one that offers a range of services from strategic communications to media relations and influencer marketing. We provide you with tailored, detailed strategies for each campaign or project that help you reach your target market and goals.

As a contemporary New Zealand communications and public relations agency, we use a range of modern and traditional strategies to produce results. Good Talent Media is proud to be a full-service PR agency that offers a complete suite of services. We are dedicated to building lasting relationships with our clients, as well as helping you manage your reputation across both traditional and digital media channels.

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