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Are you looking for a digital media agency Sydney corporations rely on for training, social media campaigns, crisis management, and reliable PR? Good Talent is a leading PR media agency in Sydney. We offer bespoke brand reputation, communications, public relations, public affairs, corporate media training, and workshops as well as 24/7 crisis media management services for Sydney organisations. What makes us different from other digital media agencies Sydney has to offer is our broadcast journalism credentials and mainstream media connections. If you’d like to work with a Sydney media agency that has relevant networking experience throughout different industries, we’re the best team to collaborate with. Contact Good Talent today and form a media strategy that works for your brand so you can accomplish your goals in the long term.

Media Agency Sydney Services To Promote Your Brand Strategically

Get Your Brand In The Public Eye

Have you been browsing through media agencies in Sydney and wondering which one is worth your time and resources? While financial investment is an integral part to build the building blocks and physical assets of your brand, only skill and experience will achieve the kind of visibility you need. When you want maximum coverage, a positive turnout and effective cultural impact, you need the help of modern PR specialists who understand the commercial landscape and political climate of today’s media.

Integrated Traditional And Online Media Strategy

As the world of public relations, commercial and consumer media become more complex and intertwined in the digital age, we understand the importance of an integrated approach to your branding and PR strategy. At Good Talent, our focus is to make sure people are talking about you on-page and off-page in the way you want.

Tailored Brand Campaign and Social Media Management

We Help You Launch A Multiplatform Media Campaign

We will help you achieve the internal and external results you want for your brand. This includes creating strategies across areas such as traditional media outlets, online social media channels, networking, event planning, product or tradeshow support, and consumer campaigns. Furthermore, we specialise in high-level PR support in legal, growth, and performance-related fields such as crisis media planning, stakeholder engagement, investor relations, labour relations, public affairs, political lobbying, analyst relations, brand awareness, government policy, and more. Good Talent offers the most comprehensive range of digital PR agency Sydney services for end-to-end campaign support.

Empower Your People With Professional PR & Media Training

In-Person and Virtual Digital Media Training For Corporations

Nothing can create better, or more lasting value than empowering your key personnel with the tools and skills they need to navigate today’s world of modern media news outlets, journalists and editors. Media training gives them the confidence to act as a reliable spokesperson for your brand, allowing you to have people on board who are responsive, qualified and prepared for unpredictable situations. Investing in your people and giving them the valuable skills they need in times of crises will make all the difference between an established brand that can thrive amidst a turbulent media landscape and one that’s unable to rise above unfortunate circumstances.

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best media agency

Plan Your Story and Convey The Right Message To The Public

Being seen in a positive light by the public eye is a challenge for many big corporations. If you struggle with interviews, public speaking or media appearances, Good Talent offers training and coaching to help you build on the skills you need so you can get the results you’re looking for. From planning your story, guiding an interview to go your way to conveying your message to the right people at the right time, we provide both in-person and video workshops for your organisation. With our PR and media training, you’ll be able to create solid connections with journalists and build a strong reputation within your community and industry in no time.

Corporate PR Strategies and 24/7 Crisis Management Support

We Help You Deal With Adverse Media and Protect Your Brand

Good Talent is different from other Sydney media agencies. With over 20 years of experience as journalists and PR specialists, we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the business. We provide an established network of mainstream media connections including national news outlets such as ABC, SBS, 10, The Guardian, Vice and other channels. Our unique positionality allows you publication and networking opportunities for maximum visibility and cultural impact. This way, whenever a crisis strikes, we can help you control the narrative and shape a story to meet the immediate and long-term objectives of your organisation. If you’d like to protect your brand reputation when unpredictable, negative press is surrounding you, there’s no better way to do so than formulate a custom PR and crisis management plan for your company. At Good Talent, we help you use this momentum of publicity productively, allowing you to respond with a clear, concise and on-brand media strategy and sway public opinion to your favour.

Using Social Media Management To Generate Brand Interest

Having an online presence is crucial for your organisation in this day and age. When you’re trying to fend off adverse media or generate interest for your brand, the visibility, flexibility and functionality of social media is too valuable to not capitalise on. Taking a proactive and reactive approach to your brand awareness and reputation management is best done when you involve social media in a constructive, goal-oriented manner. Our social media specialists can manage and build your social media presence across multiple channels. We help you develop a loyal following, set you apart as an industry leader and help you achieve your goals.
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Create A Custom Digital Media Strategy With Good Talent Today

When you need a dedicated PR and media support team to let you breathe while ensuring your brand is empowered and growing, Good Talent is the digital media company Sydney brands can count on for reliable results. From tapping into the benefits of social media to 24/7 on-call crisis management to media training and interview coaching, we’ll be able to help you craft the right strategy for your brand so you can take control of the narrative. You’ll be prepared for any unexpected changes, ready to handle any crisis quickly and correctly. Call us today to create a unique plan for your PR media strategy.


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