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Good Talent Media is your personal PR Agency Sydney. When you choose us our team will work closely with you, creating personalised media and PR strategies that break through the noise and put you in front of the people that need to hear you. When you want to create great stories and strong PR results, you need an agency that understands public relations in its entirety. From marketing to communications to advertising to crisis management, we’re creative communicators who can help you transform effective ideas into exceptional results that drive growth in the long run. Make the most of your media contacts and strengthen your brand with Good Talent Media. As a full-service PR Agency, we’ve helped corporations, organisations, non-profits, public figures and more drive awareness and action. We put you in a position where you can do what you do best and get noticed for it.

Why Choose Good Talent Media?

Have you been browsing through the ranks of PR agencies Sydney has to offer? Good Talent Media is your top PR Sydney team of specialists. Our experts provide training and support, helping you understand your industry’s media landscape and giving you the tools you need to get the right message to the right people. We have more than 20 years of experience as both journalists and PR specialists. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the business and have connections with a range of news networks, including ABC, SBS, 10, The Guardian, Vice, and other brands of national renown. Our unique position gives us complete freedom to craft your PR strategies in the way we need to. Want to do things differently and come out on top in the age of digital disruptors? Talk to our team today for more information and get the PR management service that’s right for you.

Our PR Management Services

As well as general PR management, we offer a wide range of services, including crisis media planning, social media management, stakeholder engagement, campaign management, political lobbying, public relations Sydney industries rely on and more. We give you the best chance at success by tailoring our services to meet your needs with personalized training and coaching plans available for you and your team. What makes us different from other PR agencies in Sydney is we not only offer our services but equip you with the training and skills for strategic PR. This way you can better reach your audience and develop the communications expertise you need to drive growth in the long term for your business. Our range of PR Sydney services include:

Media Training – Virtual and In-Person

If you struggle with interviews, public speaking or media appearances, or simply want to improve your skills further, Good Talent Media offers training and coaching to help you build those skills and get the results you’re looking for. We teach you how to plan your story, guide an interview, and help you convey your message to the right people at the right time. We offer both in-person and video call sessions.

Social Media Management

Understanding social media is an essential skill in this day and age. You or your organisation needs to have an online presence, as the visibility, flexibility and functionality social media provides is almost too valuable to ignore. Our social media specialists can manage and build your social media across multiple channels. We focus on generating interest, building a following, positioning you as an industry leader and helping you achieve any goals you have.

Crisis Media Planning

In a crisis, bad planning can lead to irreparable damage. Social media can quickly escalate any bad press, and the media now moves faster than ever to capitalise. You need to be prepared for any eventuality, ready to handle a crisis quickly and correctly. Our team can help you implement strategies and plan for crises, giving you the tools you need to take interviews, make statements and craft your story with confidence.

Campaign Management

If you’re campaigning for government policy, brand awareness, sales, growth, or anything else, Good Talent can take your campaign to the next level. Talk to our team and let us plan your campaign with you, using our skills and experience to provide you with a personalized campaign that puts you on the map. We can implement different strategies, offer coaching and training, provide resources, and more.

We Specialise In Corporate PR Strategies & Crisis Management

Whether you’re hoping to increase awareness for future product launches or create the same aspiring results from other lifestyle brands and industry competitors, ultimately, how well your company does comes down to effective PR management. The best way to strengthen your brand is by hiring a public relations agency to oversee your communications strategy. Good Talent Media is your top pick among Sydney PR agencies to help your company to reach its business goals and empower your staff with the modern media skills they need to thrive.

Leading PR Agency Sydney

Do you need help on an upcoming project? Or do you need ongoing support to better communicate with clients and inspire trust in your brand? If you’re looking for a Communications Agency Sydney service that will understand your vision and provide personalized support to help you to achieve it, Good Talent Media is for you. As an established public relations and integrated communications agency, our team is ready to help with PR needs wherever you’re in Australia. When you book a consultation with us, our PR Sydney experts will work closely with you to develop plans, strategies, and resources that will get you the results you’re looking for. Book your first meeting with us today online or call us on 1300 881 972.