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Our team of qualified PR professionals at Good Talent Media are in the business of doing PR differently. We help your business tell stories that change lives.

We work with for-purpose organisations with clients across a wide range of sectors including healthcare, disability, social advocacy and not-for-profits.

We are specialists in strategic storytelling that resonates and inspires action to drive meaningful change.

Your vision becomes our purpose, as we collaborate to create stories that not only capture attention, but also leave a lasting and positive imprint on the lives they touch.


Tony Nicholls

I am an accomplished broadcast journalist with experience working for many reputable news media outlets for more than ten years, including the ABC, SBS and Network TEN. During my tenure, I covered hundreds of news stories at the local, national and international levels.

Most importantly, it was this background as a reporter, journalist and presenter which led to Good Talent Media being born. I know first hand how a journalist thinks, how they work, what format they look for and what types of news stories journalists love to run with.

At Good Talent Media, we strike the perfect balance with a team of ex-journalists, PR experts and Brand & Marketing superstars. As an ever-growing agency, we pride ourselves on accelerating brands and making industry leaders out of our clients.

As Director of Good Talent Media, Tony leads client strategy and sets a standard of excellence in service delivery; he’s passionate about helping for purpose organisations tell stories that build brands and change lives.

John Sullivan

John is a seasoned Broadcast Journalist with an impressive career spanning over 12 years, during which he has made a significant impact in two hemispheres, working with prestigious media organisations the BBC and ABC. His extensive experience has encompassed leadership, production, and presentation roles, where he has consistently excelled.

John’s expertise extends to the world of sports, where he has collaborated with national sporting bodies and the Premier League.

He has played pivotal roles as a Multiplatform Editor, Presenter, and Reporter, witnessing and contributing to the transformation of newsrooms into fully digital environments at both the BBC and ABC. Over the years, John has been the driving force behind countless hours of live sports and news programming on radio and television reaching national audiences.

In his current role as an Executive Media Trainer and Account Director at Good Talent Media, John helps lead the charge in crafting client media strategy and managing media relations. His expertise transcends various sectors, including health, civil infrastructure, and the community sector. John is able to alleviate the fears of CEOs and enable them to connect effectively with their target audiences.

Over the past four years, John has been instrumental in securing numerous media opportunities for a diverse range of clients, spanning various media platforms nationally. His influence extends beyond client engagements, as he has taken the stage as a presenter and facilitator for webinars on contemporary media practices.

caroline fleming

Caroline Fleming

Caroline Fleming has worked in the media for more than five years, working as a print and broadcast journalist and within commercial radio across New Zealand.

With years of newsroom experience followed by helping over 100 different clients hit their goals with Advocacy PR, Caroline brings with her an outstanding knowledge of all facets of traditional media and what a story needs to really make it stick.

From getting policy changed in the disability space in both NZ and Australia to leading key campaigns and report launches for some of the country’s most powerful NFPs – she has a passion for making a difference through media.

Caroline is the Account Supervisor at Good Talent Media – specialising in strategy, story development and media outreach.

Nicola Barton

Nicola spans half a decade of experience as a print and digital journalist in Sydney where she has had one-on-one interviews with some of the country’s key political figures including former Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and former Prime Minister John Howard.

Having worked on the ‘other side of the fence’, Nicola knows what makes a journalist tick and more importantly, what makes a story newsworthy.

Since kick starting her career in PR, Nicola has worked across hundreds of client accounts, with a specialty in Disability and social sectors.

She has led key political and advocacy campaigns for some of Australia’s leading peak bodies and NFP’s which has resulted in legislative change and a seat at the table for many of those she has worked with.

nicola barton
lindsey salas

Lindsey Salas

Lindsey Salas has worked in the PR and communication sector for over 10 years helping emerging and established brands reach their goals. Hailing from California, Lindsey started her career in luxury automotive PR but later moved to New York where she got the bulk of her experience executing integrated campaigns across consumer, tech, and hospitality brands. In 2019 she moved to Sydney, where she has created strong roots and knowledge helping brands reach their communication goals and further their scope of voice.


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