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Propel your for-purpose brand to national prominence, ensuring your issues shape national conversations. Gain widespread recognition, featured nationally, and be a respected voice among key stakeholders. Enjoy 24/7 brand protection, guaranteeing resilience against any media challenges. Stand out, be heard, and wield influence with confidence.

  Australia-Wide Recognition

  Stand Out and Build a Strong Brand

  24/7 Brand Protection

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Supercharge Your Brand with a 12-Month PR Roadmap

Achieve consistent visibility, build a powerful reputation, and reach your goals with our results-driven approach.

Success doesn't happen by accident. Let's transform your brand with a meticulously crafted 12-month PR plan designed to fuel consistent growth. Inspired by Good Talent Media, think of us as your make-it-happen partners, delivering a dynamic mix of strategies and tactics that get you noticed.

The Power of Planning

Your Vision, Our Strategy

We begin with a deep dive into your brand, goals, and target audience. This sets the foundation for a tailored monthly plan outlining media outreach, content creation, event opportunities, and more.

Beyond Press Release

A Multi-Channel Approach

Today's PR landscape is diverse. Your monthly plan will integrate a dynamic mix of tactics: from traditional media to social campaigns, influencer partnerships, and thought leadership. We'll keep things fresh, ensuring your message cuts through the noise.

Progress You Can Measure

Data-Driven Results

Good Talent Media's journalist background means we know what success looks like. We'll set clear metrics and track them throughout your campaign – coverage secured, website traffic, audience growth. This allows for data-driven adjustments to optimize results.

Next Steps After ‘Monthly PR Plan’ is Ready

Reactive & Proactive Pitching


Our team of ex-journalists get their black book out and start getting you featured. We proactively pitch your stories and your messages to target media

Coordination of Media Interviews


We assist by helping you practice the interview before hand, get the content right and off you go to achieve your goals.


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Your contact details are safe with us!

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