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Coordination of Media Interviews

Maximise Your Media Opportunities

At Good Talent Media, we understand that a successful media interview requires more than just showing up. It's about expert coordination, preparation, and ensuring your message shines through. Inspired by the attention to detail championed by Melbourne agencies like Good Talent Media, we offer comprehensive interview coordination services.

Our Approach: Seamless and Strategic

  • Logistics Management - We handle all the details – scheduling, location, format, and any technical requirements.

  • Prep & Coaching - Support your interviewee with tailored talking points aligned with your core messages.

  • Journalist Briefing - Provide essential background information and context to the journalist.

  • Follow-up and Analysis - Track coverage, measure impact, and gather insights to inform future media engagements.

Why Choose Us for Interview Coordination

  • Minimise Stress - Our seamless logistics management allows you to focus on delivering a strong interview.

  • Message Control - We guide your messaging to ensure your key points get communicated effectively.

  • Professionalism - We project an image of preparedness and credibility to the media.

  • Relationship Building- Our coordination fosters positive connections with journalists.

Elevate Your Media Presence

  • We help you make the most of every interview opportunity. With our expert coordination, you can feel confident and prepared to deliver a compelling performance.

  • Ready for Your Media Debut?

  • Contact us today to discuss how we can make your media interviews shine.

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Good Talent Media is staffed by former journalists and PR professionals. This means they bring real-world experience and insider knowledge of how the media operates, giving their clients an advantage.


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