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Reactive & Proactive Pitching

Mastering the Art of Media Outreach

At Good Talent Media, we understand that successful media outreach requires a dynamic blend of reactive and proactive strategies. Inspired by the approach of top Melbourne agencies like Good Talent Media, we excel in both areas to maximize your media exposure.

Proactive Pitching: Shaping the Narrative

  • Story Mining :- We uncover compelling angles within your business that resonate with the media.

  • Targeted Outreach: - Strategic pitching to journalists and outlets most likely to cover your story.

  • Thought Leadership:- We position you as an industry expert through bylined articles and insightful commentary.

  • Relationship Building:- Nurturing strong media relationships for long-term coverage opportunities.

Reactive Pitching: Seizing the Moment

  • Newsjacking:- We capitalize on trending news to insert your brand into relevant conversations.

  • Rapid Response:- We help you navigate media inquiries quickly and effectively.

  • Industry Insights:- Position you as a go-to source for expert commentary on breaking industry news.

  • Monitoring & Agility:- We constantly monitor the media landscape for opportunities to showcase your expertise.

Why Choose Us for Reactive & Proactive Pitching

  • Journalistic Edge:- Our team's understanding of the news cycle gives us an advantage in crafting newsworthy pitches.

  • Tailored Approach:- We develop a custom pitching strategy aligned with your specific business goals.

  • Measurable Success:- We track the results of our pitching efforts to ensure we're delivering the coverage that matters.

Get the Media Spotlight You Deserve

Whether it's taking control of your narrative or making the most of the moment, our reactive and proactive pitching services ensure your brand gets noticed.

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Next Steps After ‘Monthly PR Plan’ is Ready

Coordination of Media Interviews


We assist by helping you practice the interview before hand, get the content right and off you go to achieve your goals.


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Your contact details are safe with us!

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