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GTM Peak Communications specialises in working with Peak Bodies and Associations, helping them to create greater awareness of their contributions to their sector, their members and the work they do to influence policy at Local, State and Federal levels.

GTM’s team of media experts are highly experienced in building and protecting the reputations of Peak Bodies and understand the intricacies of how these organisations work and how they can best serve their sector with highly effective communication.

Whether it is supporting Peak Bodies efforts to grow their member base, increase funding, influence policy or to have an impact, GTM will work with you to identify the most effective mediums to achieve your objectives.

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“We know how to position you as a leader of your sector, a Peak body who understands the issues and has the solutions.”

GTM Peak Communications understands the limited budget and resources that Peak Bodies have to work with. By providing strategic insights, our professionals will work closely alongside you to help elevate your media approach and guide your communications journey.

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vision australia

‘The team of qualified media experts have been invaluable in assisting Vision Australia during these unprecedented times. The media coverage earned by Good Talent Media has helped the community learn about our achievements, missions and goals while ensuring all external communications align with our core values and beliefs,’ said Vision Australia CEO Ron Hooton. ‘We recommend the agency strongly for any company hoping to build an effective media strategy’.

Ron Hooton
Vision Australia

icv logo
“Tony lives and breathes media and his extensive work history in the field gives him the perfect recipe to create miracles. He has mentored me in trying times and I’ve personally watched negative media coverage turn positive with his guidance. He gives sound advice, filled with wisdom. Cannot praise him enough.”

Bahriye Apak
Islamic Council of Victoria

victorian association of state
“Tony Nicholls recently provided an excellent whole day session for twelve experienced Principals.The session left us feeling empowered. It provided clear, simple templates and plans for use in a variety of situations. It demystified the media and enhanced our confidence, giving us strategies to take ‘control’ of interviews.”

Judy Crowe
Victorian Associations of State Secondary School Principals

victorian principals association“Tony Nicholls and Good Talent media provided a well-structured and measurable half-day media training workshop for our association. Tony was able to quickly upskill our members and provide them with practical and effective methods to understand the media landscape in our sector. He is a professional and engaging coach bringing the best out of our participants who left the session feeling more confident in their ability to manage the media environment, deliver a message and achieve their goals in the media. Thanks Tony for your insight.”

Anne-Maree Kliman
Victorian Principals Association


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