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Our team has years of experience across a range of disciplines including Public Relations, Media Training, Digital Strategy, Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ads, Website Development, Thought Leadership, Political Lobbying, and more.

Whether you’re a not-for-profit, peak body, small business, large corporate, CEO, local government, or government agency, Good Talent Media is a full-service PR and communications agency equipped to help you attain your goals.

Tony Nicholls :: Melbourne

Tony Nicholls - Founder and Director of Good Talent Media

Founder and Director of Good Talent Media, Tony Nicholls, is an accomplished journalist with more than ten years’ experience with the ABC, SBS and Network Ten; covering thousands of news stories across Victoria, Australia and the international media.

Tony has seen the rise of digital media transform communications and the news cycle forever; making new demands of journalists, politicians and media spokespeople. Riding the wave of change, Tony understands old-fashioned news values as well as what drives the new digital media landscape.

Tony has had the privilege of interviewing Australia’s movers and shakers – the people who have shaped news bulletins. Most importantly, Tony understands what a story needs to make it to air or print.

As Director of Good Talent Media, Tony conducts all media training personally; he knows what interview questions you’ll be asked, what the media wants, and how best to deliver an impactful message.

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David Latham :: Melbourne

David Latham

David has worked as a journalist for over a decade, writing for Vice, The Guardian, and Crikey. David was appointed Managing Editor of RMITV’s cultural review site, In Review, commissioning and writing reviews from up and coming Melbourne writers and producing 26 episodes of film review show ‘Super Rate’.

Moving into the communications and public relations space in 2016, David has worked as a Public Relations Manager in the health, transport, entertainment, and not-for-profit sector, with clients such as Isuzu Trucks, Milwaukee Tool, Headland Machinery, Monash University, Linfox, and the Transport Workers Union. Specialising in media outreach, stakeholder engagement, and government relations, as a registered political lobbyist, David knows how to help peak bodies build public awareness, industry allies, and to help shape policy framework and funding outcomes.

Phoebe Moloney :: Melbourne

Martin Evans :: UK Affiliate

Phoebe Moloney is a graded journalist and PR all-rounder who has mainly worked for online and print publications as a news reporter. She studied Media and Communications at the University of Sydney where she received the Catherine Lumby Prize for academic excellence in the field of media studies in 2012. During university she was the editor of a local newspaper in Sydney’s inner west, Ciao Magazine. She went on to intern then, work as a casual breaking news reporter at the Sydney Morning Herald.

In 2017 she moved to Lithgow to work as a full-time reporter at the Lithgow Mercury, where she produced the country paper’s first podcast. In 2018 she became a full-time reporter at the metropolitan daily newspaper the Newcastle Herald, where she focussed on social justice issues. She recently moved to Melbourne and has been using her knowledge of newsrooms and journalistic practices to identify media opportunities for Good Talent Media’s clients as a PR all rounder.

Jasmin Hyde :: Melbourne

Martin Evans :: UK Affiliate
Jasmin Hyde is a Communications specialist with experience working on a range of PR projects across various industries. With well founded knowledge of the ins and outs of Melbourne, she understands how Melburnians spend their time – and how they get their news.

With an RMIT degree in Public Relations, Jasmin has worked with a number of businesses in the non-profit and cultural space including Melbourne City Mission, Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, St Kilda Festival and Melbourne Fringe.

Jasmin has come on board as an Account Manager for Good Talent Media, specialising in strategy, story development and media outreach.

Paul Chai :: Melbourne

Paul Chai
Paul Chai has been a journalist for three decades, most recently as a freelance travel writer for the Age’s Traveller section and as editor of Tigerair’s inflight magazine, Tiger Tales. He was also part of the launch team of Fairfax Media’s Travel + Leisure magazine and a regular contributor to Good Weekend, Sunday Life and The Age/SMH Good Food Guide.

Working in the UK for nearly a decade, Chai held the position of journalist/editor at The Financial Times and correspondent for LA-based film bible Variety.

Chai currently oversees accounts within Good Talent’s social affairs department, including a multicultural communications agency and disability services provider.

Casey Petersen :: Melbourne

Casey Petersen

Casey is a Communications specialist with experience across a wide range of industries.

Having worked closely with a number of high profile retail, business and financial organisations, as well as large scale Melbourne events, Casey leans on her in-depth understanding of business needs and objectives when identifying media opportunities for Good Talent Media clients.

Specialising in strategy, media outreach and story development, Casey joined Good Talent Media as an Account Manager.

Katrina Shute :: Melbourne

Katrina Shute

Katrina Shute is a journalist with over 15 years experience in television, radio and print media.

As an on camera reporter and anchor for Network Ten for close to a decade, Katrina developed a keen news sense and an eye for “good talent”.

With added experience as a presenter for ABC radio, features writer for a magazine publication in Hong Kong and current podcast host, she has interviewed enough people to know what works and what doesn’t.

Katrina joins Good Talent Media as a media trainer, assisting with general presentation skills and improving the ability of our clients to interview well.

As a result, messaging is optimised and the best possible advantage taken of every media and presentation opportunity.

Carly Gibbs :: Melbourne

Carly Gibbs
Carly has a background in Federal Politics and Psychology and is excited to now be joining the Public Relations and Media world.

Carly has held Assistant and Advisory positions in Federal politics and most recently acted as Executive Assistant within the Resources Sector.

As Good Talent’s Mission Control, Carly has the role of Executive Assistant to our Founder and CEO; Tony Nicholls.

Inga Feitsma :: Melbourne

Inga Feitsma :: Melbourne

Inga Feitsma has over 15 years’ experience in PR and communications, with a track record of highly successful campaigns across different sectors, including health, medical research, the environment, disability, aged care, mental health and government.

Inga was head of communications at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, the largest child health research institute in Australia undertaking research into infant, child and adolescent health.

Prior to directing communications at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Inga spent six years in radio and print media as a journalist, announcer and editor.

Inga is passionate, resourceful, has strong media contacts, and knows how to write and pitch engaging media stories that get printed and produced.

Martin Evans :: UK Affiliate

Martin Evans :: UK Affiliate

Martin Evans has 34 years’ experience in leadership, communications, PR and media relations.

Martin has held management and communications positions in the NHS and the Royal Air Force. He has led crisis communications in the military – training and advising senior officers and junior ministers – and health campaigns on local radio.

Specialising in presentation and messaging, Martin has worked with business leaders and spokespeople on ‘creating impact’; getting the key messages across and where appropriate, dealing with difficult lines of inquiry and questioning.

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    I really liked it, it gave me a bit more extra confidence talking in front of a camera. Learning how to structure information to make it informative but short and sharp.
    Jeremy Allison

    I found it very useful. Really good being able to practice that stuff too considering it’s not something you typically do until you’re actually required to do it.
    Nick Cheadle

    I think there’s always room for improvement and the guys certainly provided us with (as Jay would say) “tools in the toolbox”. Just learning how to create content and portray that either through a post or video was incredibly helpful. Not to mention, making the day interactive as opposed to a brain overload, made it fun and easy to remember ‪:) #canwedoitagain
    Caroline Hutchinson

    Media Training Attendees - Glanbia Performance Nutrition

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    Tony Nicholls has proved to be an outstanding media advisor, media trainer and publicist. He was very successful in recently conducting a recruitment process to find a new media officer. He’s also provided some exceptional media and presentation training to our executive team which has transformed our ability to engage with Melbourne’s media. He has clearly spent the time to understood our organisation and our membership services. I have no hesitation in recommending Tony to you.

    John Berger, Secretary - Transport Workers Vic Tasmania

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    Tony did a fantastic job with several members of our executive team. He spoke their language, understood each individual's personal style, and provided the tips and tricks they each need to maximise their public speaking skills. I highly recommend Good Talent to anyone aspiring to speak more confidently and memorably!

    Stephanie Trethewey - Findex Com

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    Tony did a fantastic job with several members of our executive team. He spoke their language, understood each individual’s personal style, and provided the tips and tricks they each need to maximise their public speaking skills.

    I highly recommend Good Talent to anyone aspiring to speak more confidently and memorably!

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    We had a complex model to describe, many stakeholders to keep happy and a short timeframe – and Tony and Tim delivered. Our Mental Health Stepped Care Model video was so well received by both internal and external stakeholders – you could see the ‘lightbulb moments’ happen during the three-minute view-time. Thanks Tony and Tim for an excellent product.

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    Good Talent delivered an intensely practical and customised experience. Our staff gained valuable skills from a well organised program packed with great content that was brought home with plenty of opportunities to put it into practice. Thanks also to Tony for making us work hard, take control of our messages and give us confidence to communicate with authority.

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    So much to learn in terms of managing media! Discovered a great interview doesn't happen by chance and learned how to stay in control.

    Sue Peden - Carers Australia VIC

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    Loved it, will say the same about how positive they were and uplifting!!! Definitely saw an improvement in a short period of time!
    Kwame Jack-Duah

    LOVED IT! They made it super fun and learnt a lot in the short time they were with us. Feeling a lot more confident in writing scripts and filming videos.
    Julia Woodford

    Learned more in a day then I ever have. Tony and Travis were absolutely fantastic.
    Sam Mohammad

    Really good, taught me a lot about having confidence in front of the camera and speaking with more emphasis.
    Kurt Dell

    Media Training Attendees - Glanbia Performance Nutrition

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    Tony’s in-depth knowledge and experience in the media industry reverberated with the Mount Hotham Management team and exposed us to new skills to prepare us for external media confrontation. He took us through a step-by-step process to develop and refine key points and messages in both positive news stories and crisis situations.

    The group walked away feeling more confident and having a much stronger understanding of how to prepare for media on camera and in the social media environment.

    I would recommend Tony’s media training workshops for dealing with all aspects of media.

  •  testimonial-logo

    Tony was fabulous. I learnt so much. It was very practical and tailored to my needs. Should have done this training 10 years ago. I’ll be recommending it to colleagues and friends.

    Ross Coverdale, CEO - Araluen

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    I think when I got here I was a little bit nervous. I was a bit intimidated I wasn’t sure what I was in for. But after I was provided the structure I could see through the day how much more confident I was getting.

    I feel like I’m leaving today now with an enormous amount of confidence around how to set up for a presentation, deliver a presentation and really, I’m really looking forward to my next opportunity to do just that. So I want to thank you Tony, it’s been terrific.

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    Thanks for your work creating the video for the home page of our website. I was pretty nervous about making a video, but you made it easy and the result has been amazing. We’ve have nearly doubled the response rate from our site and within a week, our google rankings started improving.

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    Good Talent Media’s presentation training was just the tonic I needed to boost my confidence, and to prep for the successful launch of our organisation’s first ever digital strategy.

    Good Talent’s team of expert consultants were adept at making me feel comfortable, while also effectively pushing me out of my comfort zone to help fulfil my true potential as a media performer and presenter.

    I’d recommend Good Talent for any organisation that wants to give its leaders the tools to handle the trickiest media situations, or to be star performers in front of an audience.

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    The media training was extremely insightful in terms of what to expect when facing the media. I found it challenging at times, yet a highly beneficial experience both professionally and personally.

    Tony clearly has a wealth of knowledge in the industry and I’m keen to continue the learning.

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    Good Talent's media training was useful and professionally delivered.

    Stephanie Yap - Kangan Institute

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