Crisis Management

When a crisis blows up unexpectedly, an organisation can suddenly find itself the subject of intense media scrutiny. If you’re dealing with an unanticipated media crisis, we can deal with reporters and the press on your behalf in order to contain the issue, and then address it with messages that work to optimise your reputation. Good Talent Media specialises in crisis media management.

We’re a small team of publicity professionals who work to protect your brand and clearly communicate your message to your target audience. We take calls 24 hours, 7 days a week as part of our 24/7 crisis management support service.

When you want to do damage control effectively to protect your brand, we prepare your messages and spokespeople to handle adverse media. And if you need us to deal with the negative press, we can help you engage with journalists, news editors, producers and handle social media on your behalf.

We Offer 24/7 On Call Crisis Media Support

We are on-call to assist you in times of crises. We prepare you for adverse media, how to deal with negative press and help you put together a plan to have a system in place to protect your brand from reputational damage. If you need us to personally deal with the fallout, we can manage your messages across all of your communication platforms effectively to convey the message you want. We help companies control publicity crises by controlling the story, and the best way to control a story is to have experienced journalists writing it.

Protecting Your Brand From Reputational Damage

Our main priority is to give you the tools you need to protect your brand reputation. We not only offer 24/7 crisis calls, but full media training workshops to guide you through every step of your media and PR crisis management strategy. With our experience in broadcast journalism, we are uniquely positioned to support you. We can help you create a personalised crisis management plan to protect the key interests of your company. This way, you will be able to manage press coverage across appropriate local, state, national and international media and online publications. From fielding all negative media inquiries, liaising with news editors, reporters and chief of staff to conducting and coordinating interviews, you’ll have the skills, knowledge and confidence to get the results you’re looking for and come out on top of a crisis. Book a crisis media workshop today and build a solid crisis media management plan for your company.

Implement An Effective Crisis Management Plan Company-wide

Effective crisis media planning will help you deal with unexpected emergencies proactively, honestly and concisely. You’ll be able to communicate your message across in the best way possible and keep your brand’s professional reputation intact. It allows leaders, executives and key spokespersons in your organisation to deescalate a situation and provide brand protection for your company across multiple levels. When you execute a plan and framework that allows you to respond in a precise, positive and confident manner, you’ll be able to maintain your image, reputation and the sales and productivity of your organisation.

Create A Responsive Crisis Management Strategy

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You need a responsive crisis management strategy. From a time-sensitive digital media crisis strategy that lets you deal with the damage done online to writing press releases, press alerts, background briefings, interviewing potential case studies, developing case studies and messages to managing investor and partnership relationships, we can help you take control of the narrative. A defined crisis plan will make everyone’s roles clear, helping your organisation identify and anticipate not only immediate current problems but future ones. You’ll be able to limit negative publicity and quickly reshape the media’s narrative around you.

Control The Narrative With Our Crisis Management PR Team

Crisis management in PR is all about storytelling. It’s about using the facts you have to tell a narrative that portrays your company in the best light. When you’re constantly getting negative press, you have to take a proactive approach and use this publicity to your benefit. Having a PR crisis management team who can competently address your organisation’s position, and steer the conversation into a positive direction is critical to your reputation. Good Talent can work with your media manager and senior leadership group to create a customised, step by step, easy-to-use media crisis plan. Media messages and social media posts will be pre-written for every conceivable crisis.

Get Ongoing PR Crisis Management Support

If you’re experiencing serious ongoing issues and you’re struggling to handle the negative press around your company, we can educate news editors and media outlets about your industry and company. We’ll get your message across, make sure you’re quoted correctly in articles and provide a tailored solution to deal with adverse media. Our 24/7 on-call crisis management support and media workshops will give your spokespeople and communications team the training your company needs to overcome any obstacle. You’ll be able to make the right decisions during times of crisis, take advantage of your visibility to sway public perception and protect your brand in the long term. Book your media and PR crisis management course online today or talk to our team to have us intervene immediately on your behalf. We’re available to give you 24/7 crisis media support tailored to fit the unique needs of your company.