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Melbourne Media Training

For your business to be taken seriously in the media you need your message to be heard, understood and remembered.  In fact, you want to be quoted accurately… and have the media in the palm of your hand.  Every time.

We understand how frustrating it is to miss out on media opportunities. And worse still…  what it feels like to mess up your only media opportunity simply because you weren’t able to confidently deliver your message.

So, if you think you have a message people want to hear, but you’re not sure how to get it out there, then this could be the most important training you’ll ever do.

Our consultants have recent TV, radio and news room experience, which means we know what the media wants, what they’ll reject and what questions they’ll be asking you.

You won’t feel anxious or “on the spot” ever again as our expert industry insiders’ train you using simulated realistic media interview scenarios, based on our recent experience as live news correspondents, TV presenters and radio reporters.

We give you the training, support and confidence so you can shine in the media with impact, certainty and authenticity.

In addition to our media training, we transform your company’s achievements into media friendly stories to create publicity campaigns, which results in positive media coverage and community good will.

We’re a boutique media agency who specialises in providing you with personal service and delivering exceptional results. We do this firstly with a thorough analysis to develop your message, determine what skills you need and create a totally customised media training workshop.

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee to you is simple.

You’ll receive techniques to stay on message and a plan to take the heat out of tough questions.

In fact… we guarantee you’ll excel in your next media opportunity.

Make the Power of the Media Work for You… Now

Fill in your details, or call 03 9844 4373 or 0400 646 010 to book in your complimentary “Media Skills Assessment” consultation with Tony Nicholls.  You’ll walk away knowing what media skills you have and what opportunities there are for you.

Real Life Training for Real Life Situations

Our Melbourne media training is unique because it’s run by Tony Nicholls, the only media trainer in Australia who has worked as an on-the-scene news reporter, live TV presenter and on live radio through the digital revolution.  This means Tony delivers up-to-the-minute media training skills for today’s media.

Tony was there when Twitter transformed newsrooms by going online and destroying newspapers.  Tony witnessed the newspapers setting the morning agenda, to then having news being broken online every second and then broadcast live on television.

And he had the privilege of interviewing the movers and shakers of Australia… the people that shaped the news bulletins. And most importantly, he decided whose views made it on air and in what media.

Tony’s depth of recent experience is invaluable for you because he knows the interview questions you’ll be asked, what the media wants and how to deliver an impactful message.

15 Reasons Why You Should Consider Good Talent Media…

  • We provide you with a totally customised media training for no extra cost. The training is customised to your industry, skills, experience, issues and goals.
  • We’ll give you the key interview techniques and give you a plan to “stay on message” during tough, heated interviews.
  • We’ll develop your impactful message so it can be heard, understood and remembered.
  • We’ll give you the skills to ensure you’re prepared, rehearsed and confident when your time comes to appear on TV, Radio, The Press or on Social Media.
  • We offer a convenient Melbourne CBD studio and training facilities location.
  • We take time to understand exactly what your business needs and how to engage your team.
  • We research your business, your industry and your team to provide you with a practical hands-on training that gives you the skills you need to shine in the media.
  • We provide very attentive customer service. We guarantee to answer emails, texts and phone calls in less than 24 hours.
  • We provide professional camera crews in realistic interview simulation situations.
  • You’ll receive instant video play-back and critiques during the training to accelerate your learning.
  • You’ll receive DVD copies of the training workshop, so you can review, practise and continue to develop your skills.
  • You’ll benefit from our recent experience with on-the-scene live news, TV and radio with ABC, SBS and network Ten.
  • You’ll receive ongoing support via email, text and phone after the training workshop.
  • We provide engaging workshops that deliver effective, powerful and practical media training, leadership skills and crisis management expertise.
  • We understand what the media, stakeholders and the public want to hear and we’ll develop your message so it resonates with them.

Are You Ready to Have the Power of the Media Work for You?

We know speaking to the media can feel scary, challenging or intimidating, and that’s why we specialise in high quality media training for CEO’s, organisational spokespeople and media teams for the profit, not-for-profit and government sectors.

Fill in your details, or call 03 9844 4373 or 0400 646 010 to book in your complimentary “Media Skills Assessment” consultation with Tony Nicholls.  You’ll walk away knowing what media skills you have and what opportunities there are for you.

Photo of Tony Nicholls

“Tony honed our teams’ skills when talking to the media and he challenged our current crisis communications practices and social media. His contribution has placed us in a great position to better deal with the media moving forward.”

Laurie Blampied – General Manager, Buller Ski Lifts

Mt Buller


Melbourne Star
Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management
The University of Melbourne
The Victorian Women's Trust
Latrobe University
Mt Buller
Victorian Association of State Secondary Principals
RMIT University
Holmesglen Institute of TAFE
Pasha Legal Lawyers & Consultants
Marymede Catholic College
Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre
Launch Housing
Keep Left
Victorian Taxi Association
City of Melbourne
The St Bernard's College Foundation Inc
Aussie Home Loans
Channel Ten
Victoria Tourism
Life Supports
The Man Cave
Pana Chocolate
Click Energy
Integrated Living
Constanzo Lawyers
Booked Out
United Firefighters Union
On The Line
Mens Line Australia
Print Innovator
Eastern Melbourne PHN
Better Living Residential

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Good Talent Media Training is the easily the best Melbourne media training we have ever experienced. Not just ‘Good’ but ‘Great’ results in just half a day of training. Our team now speaks with much more confidence and passion. Tony is a real professional offering real insights, practical knowledge and that touch of wisdom in all aspects of the media. I can’t imagine recommending any other Melbourne media training firm. Tony, you’ve got ‘good talent’!
Nail Aykan - General Manager, Islamic Council of Victoria

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