Press Release & Media Writing

Press Release Media Writing Workshop

This virtual or studio workshop teaches attendees how to write effectively for media partners. The session will help trainees understand the elements of a strong story and how to write and pitch it to the press.

The training is facilitated by an experienced journalist and media trainer who knows what the media will use for TV, Radio, Print, Online, and what they will ignore.

This is an intensely practical workshop where participants will need to come prepared to write press releases, create stories, agree on messages, write angles, develop leads and coin sound bites.

Virtual or Studio Media Release Writing Workshop Session

Four-hour initial session, plus two one-hour CEO follow-up sessions
INCLUDES 12 months ongoing media interview support plus an Online Training Subscription

Workshop Content (subject to customisation)

What is a media story?
Writing strong leads
Creating media worthy angles
Selecting case studies to support the lead
Interviewing case studies and spokespeople to extract the right quotes
Determining your goal for the press release
Determining your audience for the press release
Selecting the right TV, Radio, Print, online and or specialist publication for the story
Creating strong stories
Creating concise, memorable and quotable messages
Picking the right angle or lead
Creating usable media sound bites

Active Adult Learning Structure

  • All theory is reinforced by group and individual exercises
  • Attendees will create a story, complete with all necessary media elements
  • Attendees will write at least three press releases each
  • Trainees will present their stories, messages, sound bites and releases to the group
  • Participants will have ample time to ask questions and focus on writing that is relevant to their jobs

Ongoing Learning

  • Comprehensive Media Training support documentation
  • Ongoing access to the Principal Consultant for twelve months (telephone, email and text)

Newsrooms are more underresourced than ever before. If your press release doesn’t hit the mark with the title and the first paragraph, it will be deleted.

This workshop teaches you how to avoid the trash bin and get coverage.

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