Presenting For Video Media Training


Presenting for Video Media Training

Media Training is essential for spokespersons prior to filming company videos. Stage fright, nervousness and ‘wooden’ performances do not go over well in a video.

Media trainers help spokespersons find the sweet spot between their own natural ability, and that something extra.

That something extra is the X factor that media training can bring. Yes, body language, voice modulation and emphasis are important. But how you structure your story and the messages in it, is paramount.

Video Story

Clear media communicators get their message across through having easy to understand stories and punchy messages.

Great videos make their messages clear right from the start. They also illustrate the messages with real examples.

Using real examples is a great video presentation technique because you don’t need to remember a script. Presenting a story that you know allows you to relax and simply share your experiences.

Your story will naturally have a key point, and like any good story, that key point or key message will just flow naturally.

Video Story Structure:

Clear messages or key points

Real examples/stories

In your preparation first identity your goal, then the message that will achieve that goal and then the story that illustrates the message.

If you structure your piece to camera in this way the video editor will have ample opportunity to edit you in the best light.

Example Media Content (subject to customisation)

  • Using media messages, and getting them across Print, Radio, TV, and Online
  • Responding to different interview techniques
  • Dealing with tough issues and unexpected questions
  • Steering interviews back to your media messages
  • Media interview practice
  • Pitching stories and understanding the news cycle

Active Adult Learning Structure

  • Multiple interview simulations across industry relevant interview scenarios
  • Interview technique – Answer the reporter’s question respectfully then Guide them back to your messages or story (20/80 rule)
  • Message structure – Problem/Solution, Fact/Result, Call to action, Benefits
  • Message supports – Stories, statistics and sound bites
  • All theory is reinforced by practice and instant playback facility review

Collingwood TV/Radio Studio

  • News camera
  • Camera crew/operator
  • Radio studio equipment
  • Play back facility to review interviews instantly
  • Interview lighting equipment

Example Presentation Skills Content (subject to customisation)

  • Getting your message across clearly
  • Quick speech preparation
  • Managing fear
  • Easing your nerves
  • Building confidence
  • Creating a plan
  • Starting strongly
  • Engaging the audience
  • Using humour
  • Theory on presentation structures
  • Theory on presentation styles
  • How to write a great presentation
  • How to quickly prepare a presentation
  • Speech delivery practice
  • The trainee will give a number of speeches, detailed feedback will be provided and new techniques will be demonstrated
  • All public speaking theory is reinforced by practice

Remote Presentation Skills Training Process

Step 1.

Each trainee receives a Video Presentation Skills handbook. The handbook will outline exercises to do to prepare for the one-on-one training. It will also have an exam to complete based on this theory section.

Step 2.

60 minute intensive one-on-one Video Skills training session over skype.

Step 3.

Homework. The trainee will use their new skills to create a video on their computer camera and submit it to the trainer prior to the next session.

Step 4.

The homework video is reviewed during a second more intensive 60 minute one-on-one Video Skills training session over skype. After the session the trainee will be required to film a final home work video for review

Follow Up Support

All trainees will have 12-months ongoing follow up support over text, email and telephone. Trainees can continue to phone GTM trainers for guidance and video performance feedback.

Ongoing Learning

  • Links to the workshop
  • Media Training Manual
  • Ongoing access to the Principal Consultant for twelve months (telephone, email and text)

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