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Public Relations

Protect your brand. Build your profile.

Reputation & Crisis Management

Good Talent Media specialises in reputation and emergency crisis management


With strong media lists our experienced PR team know how to ensure your brands, events and spokespeople get noticed

Media Outreach

Good Talent Media understands how to use earned, digital and social media to drive traffic to your site to help you achieve your goals


Good Talent PR knows how to run successful campaigns to elicit change. From creating a strategy, to drawing in stakeholders, to digital campaigning, to delivering key messages and getting coverage, Good Talent PR position your organisation to succeed. We combine three key elements that come together to make an impactful PR campaign.

Internal Communications

Many organisations overlook internal communications when developing a communications strategy. However internal communications are just as vital as external communications for keeping all employees on message, on the same page and pulling in the same direction.

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Full-service agency: publicity, digital campaigns, stakeholder engagement, political lobbying, content creation and SEO, crisis and reputation management, and social media

Good Talent Media is a leading Melbourne-based public relations agency providing customised PR services across the corporate, not-for-profit and government sectors. We tailor communications and marketing strategies to build brands, protect reputation and deliver key messages to your target audience. Our highly skilled, public relations professionals understand the role of social and digital media, have strong media contacts and knowledge of the media landscape, and with a devoted crisis management team, cover all bases.

We are an expert and experienced PR service in Melbourne, including a media crisis management team. If you require fast PR solutions, or ongoing public relations support, we have the right mix of skills and experience to build your brand and reputation. If you are looking for a dedicated PR team to respond to your needs you will like dealing with us.

We will provide a successful plan to manage your media crisis managementpublicity campaign targets or general PR campaign goals. You will feel like our only client if you engage Good Talent.

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What is Public Relations

Public Relations, or PR, is really the art of persuasion and involves three key things; building your organisations profile or brand, delivering key messages to target groups, and protecting your organisation’s reputation.

Some PR is proactive and planned in advance, like getting earned media or using social media to build your brand and get key messages across to the public, key stakeholders, or government.

If you’re seeking to influence change, be considered for government funding, or building your reputation as an industry expert, Good Talent Media will create a detailed PR, Social Media and Publicity plan so you can start breaking your big goals into a series of achievable steps.

Another branch of PR involves responding to unfolding events and positioning yourself in a way that doesn’t damage your brand and which might help to improve it.

When damage control is required, we will help you navigate the challenges of responding to the media while protecting your reputation and building your brand values.

If you’re getting or you’re about to get bad press, we’ve got the experience, media contacts, and strategies to help you frame the debate and get your side of the story out there with a crisis media plan.

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Why you need a Crisis Communication Plan?

What is the value of your organisation’s brand? How long would it take you to rebuild your brand after a poorly handled public media event or scandal? These are questions every organisation needs to ask itself.

If you don’t have a crisis communication plan, you should. A crisis communications strategy is a key piece of brand insurance. Award-winning companies like Ardent Leisure and Dreamworld are clarifying studies of PR disaster zones, where considered PR opinion was spurned in favour of legal advice.

Legal advice during a crisis is important but you need to consider how the public and your core demographic are perceiving the crisis and your response to it.

Media and brand crises are more likely to pass quickly when victims, families and friends are cared for, leaders take responsibility and key partners are engaged to ensure the same problems never happen again.

If you’re in or about to experience a media crisis, we can prepare you for it and manage your relationships with the media throughout it.

What’s the process?

Good Talent PR is a well-respected specialist in the provision of publicity services for not-for-profits, Government agencies and peak industry groups.

The steps are simple;

  1. We work with clients to develop stories and media releases,
  2. We decide the best media to target at local, state or national level,
  3. We pitch your stories to journalists, editors, and producers.

We get most clients their first interview within a month. Once we secure an interview we’ll help you prepare to ensure you get the right messages across.

PR & Publicity Services

  • Develop story & key messages
  • Write press releases
  • Target best fit media
  • Pitch to reporters, editors & producers
  • Handle media inquiries
  • Conduct and coordinate interviews
  • Interview preparation
  • How to deal with adverse media
  • Internal and external corporate communications
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Reputation & Crisis Management

Crisis Management : How to Deal with a PR Crisis?

Good Talent PR specialises in the reputation management of Melbourne companies, including immediate crisis management.

Our services cover reputation management for dealing with traditional media outlets (Radio, TV, Newspaper) and online reputation management services (Social Media, Website). They include rebuilding your online presence through internet reputation management strategies.

With online platforms like Google, negative reviews can cause significant harm to your reputation. We contact the site that has made the review about you, join the conversation and manage your reputation. Ultimately, what we want to achieve is to suppress negative links and to build more positive reviews about you, until your reputation is repaired.

Our experienced team of journalists help manage companies and organisations that suddenly find themselves in crisis, or always seem to be in crisis.

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What to do when a crisis strikes?

When a crisis blows up unexpectedly an organisation can suddenly find itself the subject of intense media scrutiny. If you’re dealing with an unanticipated media crisis, we can deal with reporters and the press on your behalf in order to contain the issue, and then address it with messages that work to optimise your reputation.

We manage your messages across all of your communication platforms effectively to convey the message you want. We help companies control publicity crises by controlling the story, and the best way to control a story is to have experienced journalists writing it.

PR is all about Storytelling

Facts aren’t stories. But the way facts are put together by a journalist to tell a story can be critical to your reputation. Sometimes you need a professional to put the facts into a context that explains your organisation’s position.

That doesn’t mean ignoring the facts, it means engaging with them in the best light. Organisations that deal with a PR crisis proactively, honestly and clearly are much more likely to communicate better and keep their professional reputations intact.

Crisis Media Planning

A crisis media plan gives CEO’s and executives a plan and framework that enables them to proactively respond to a crisis within their organisation or industry.

A crisis plan makes everyone’s roles clear, identifies and anticipates possible future problems, and outlines exactly what to say and what not to say should a crisis arrive.

Organisations that manage crisis situations well limit reputation damage and are able to quickly help shape the media narrative breaking around them.

Crisis Communications Plan

A Crisis Communications Plan is crucial to managing unexpected media emergencies that may affect the image, reputation and even the sales and productivity of your organisation.

A Crisis Communications Plan enables you to respond immediately with positive content, precisely and confidently during an emergency in the hours and days that follow.

Ongoing PR Crises Management Plans

If you’re experiencing serious ongoing issues, we engage and educate journalists and news editors about your industry and company. We get your message across, get you quoted correctly in articles and get online articles corrected if they have given a negative review or they are grossly inaccurate.

We can also arrange meetings for your CEO with influential journalists in Melbourne and Sydney to help your organisation build relationships and break down stereotypes.

If your industry or organisation is constantly getting negative press, that won’t change until you start participating in the conversation. Our business reputation management plans can help you be more proactive than your competitors and gain a publicity edge.

Black Ops – Digital Media Crisis Strategy

At Good Talent Digital, we understand the damage done to online profiles due to negative publicity. Articles can linger for years. Bad reviews can jeopardize a business reputation to the point where new sales evaporate. All because of some negative press and a simple Google search – Keywords can often unearth information no longer relevant, or that you never want to be seen.

That’s why we’ve created our Digital Crisis Strategy. We work with Google’s algorithms to minimize the damage done to businesses. Our aim is to minimize the impact of negative publicity. We do this through:

  • Creating/Strengthening your online profile with impacting content
  • Optimizing all Social Media Strategy
  • Enhancing your positive online footprint
  • Pushing negative press-articles down
  • Eliminating Negative keyword searches
  • Building Strong Google My Business Strategy
  • Enhancing positive positioning for all keyword searches
  • Consulting on an impacting Review Strategy
Take your damaging press to the graveyard!

Black Ops – BASIC

Mainly designed for the individual

  • SEO to reduce impact of Negative Keywords
  • Article Push down
  • Keyword repositioning
  • Social Network Strategy
  • Guest Posting
  • Monthly reporting
Black Ops – SILVER

All basic business needs

  • All of Black Ops Basic
  • Positive Content Creation (Social) to boost online credibility
  • Mini Websites (To enhance process)
Black Ops – GOLD

For Speedy Business/Individual Recovery

  • All of Black Ops Basic and Silver
  • Weekly Detailed Digital Crisis Reporting
  • In depth Positive Content Creation for Social/Blogging/Guest Posts
  • Pay Per Click Strategy for instant positive keyword boost
  • Turbo boosted SEO to drive down bad content

Crisis Plan Content Checklist

  • Who are the key spokespeople in the event of a crisis?
  • What crises could occur at any moment?
  • What issues will always occur cyclically?
  • How will you use your social media channels?
  • How will you engage the media?
  • What are your key priorities?
  • Who are your key partners?
  • What are your key messages?
  • How quickly will you correct inaccurate reporting?

Creating your documents

We will work with your media manager and senior leadership group to create a customised, step by step, easy to use media crisis plan. Media messages and social media posts will be pre-written for every conceivable crisis.

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Need publicity management for YOUR organisation?

At Good Talent PR, we pride ourselves on being one of Melbourne’s leading publicity firm and consultants. We combine our expertise in PR and journalism to achieve maximum publicity for our clients. You can contact us for your crisis publicity help, or for ongoing publicity management.

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Our PR Publicity Team

Our publicity team is lead by Tony Nicholls. They know what it takes to get your stories published in Melbourne’s leading print, online and broadcast media. We can help you get noticed, fast.

Our professional and friendly publicity services are targeted and developed in collaboration with you to ensure maximum, effective publicist coverage received. We are here to achieve your goals for you.

Cutting through to build brand

We know the value of genuine and interesting news stories and we know how to engage with key Melbourne journalists to promote your stories. You will benefit from using our experience and contacts to get your stories out there.

Publicity is essential for promoting your organisation and brand. With increased publicity in some of Melbourne’s major news outlets, you will increase your influence and authority in the community.

How we work to get you results

Our dedicated and experienced Melbourne publicity support team has a proven track record in raising the profile of a host of NGO’s, Peak Bodies, government agencies and small businesses.

We will work with you and your team to find your strengths and uncover great story angles that we will pitch to news editors and journalists in Melbourne and nationally.

As a journalist with over a decade experience, working across commercial radio and television networks and for the ABC and SBS, GTM founder Tony Nicholls knows what journalists look for in a good story.

Mapping your PR publicity plan

We will help you develop your short or longer-term publicity plan by:
  • Conduct a media strategy workshop with your team – a fun and essential way to know your product and promote it
  • Develop a tailored publicity plan targeting key audiences and Melbourne media outlets
  • Pitch your stories to key Melbourne journalists and news editors to ensure maximum coverage
  • Strengthen your brand
  • Increase your reach and authority in the broader community
  • Get your message through various means (press release, storytelling, etc) to key stakeholders and partners

PR / Publicity Planning Solutions

A well-researched and succinct public relations plan can provide the perfect platform from which to launch a new product or service.

Establishing goals, understanding what your message is, the public opinion about you, what the audience wants to hear, and the best channels which to promote the message is vital to your business success.

Good Talent Media’s PR planning follows seven key deliverables:

  • Review of any existing PR initiatives or ideas and creation of publicity plan
  • A thorough environmental scan of the industry in which you operate, including competitor analysis
  • Establishment of a practical media outlet list including contact details
  • Production of a news release calendar from which to plan a full 12-months media activities
  • Identification of thought leadership opportunities (e.g. speaking engagements and commentary) on your industry
  • Blog and social media strategy
  • Case studies and white paper opportunities

While our seven-point publiciity plan covers everything required for a successful campaign to boost your profile and promote the business, PR requires flexibility and a recognition that things can and will change over time.

This includes taking advantage of any broader news cycles or stories on your given topic that may arise from time from which you can insert your story.

With this in mind our PR plans are designed as ‘living’ documents that can easily be adapted to suit any change in circumstance or timing.

If you would like to work with an experienced publicity firm in Melbourne, that gets results, contact us for a chat.

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Media Outreach

Social Media Account Management

Digital & Social Media PR Agency

Good Talent PR is a leading PR agency specialising in the development and management of digital marketing and social media platforms. Our digital expertise includes content marketing, social media PR management, search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing / AdWords management, Google Analytics and other traditional PR services such as media and press releases.

If you want to make the most of your digital presence, or manage an online media crisis, we can help you.

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Social Media PR support

Having a social media presence today is essential to building a brand profile. We help you create a social media strategy that positions you as an industry leader and invaluable resource.

Build your followers and social media presence with authoritative and informative content that makes you an indispensable asset to your sector by following our social media content plans.

We provide 3 one hour telephone coaching sessions, and an Email Support Program. Another feature of our social media support is how to avoid or manage a social media crisis.

Social Media facelift

Your social media accounts are the first port of call for most clients and stakeholders. Project a professional appearance by giving your social media accounts a facelift.

Good Talent PR offers design and branding services to give your social media accounts a new look and feel. We also offer advice on copy and make sure you have appropriate calls to action on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Brand Building and Lead Generation

Think about social media as the interface between your organisation and the public. It’s a space where people can gather information about your organisation, product, service or industry without committing to action.

Good Talent PR knows how to encourage social media visitors, get them to your website, get them to take action, and to convert them to leads.

Develop a social media strategy

We conduct a fact-finding workshop then develop a detailed communications strategy.

Social Media Branding

We set up or adjust your social media platforms, ensuring brand uniformity across the board.


We deliver well-written collateral for posting and source appropriate photos, graphics, infographics and videos.

Social media management

We manage your social media presence across multiple platforms.


  • Set up or refresh account, profile, biographies, look and style
  • Content creation: 20 posts per month
  • Feature posts: thought leadership and blogs
  • Monitor client interaction and comments
  • Targeted software to grow your audience


  • Set up or refresh account, profile, biographies, look and style
  • Content creation: 40 posts per month
  • Feature posts: thought leadership and blogs
  • Monitor client interaction and comments
  • Targeted software to grow your audience


  • Set up or refresh account, profile, biographies, look and style
  • Content creation: 12 posts per month
  • Feature posts: thought leadership and blogs
  • Monitor client interaction and comments


  • Set up or refresh account, profile, biographies, look and style
  • Content creation: 20 posts per month
  • Monitor client interaction and comments

PR and Social Media Strategy

Social Media is a dynamic space and vital connection to audience. We start with a clear roadmap suited to your organisation and industry, then develop a tailored Social Media Plan you can easily implement.

Your PR and Social Media roadmap should have clear timelines, events, and measurable goals both online and offline to increase your exposure and strengthen your brand.

By getting the human touch points right, your PR and Social Media strategy will start connecting with your target audience; whether that be in Melbourne, Victoria or Australia.

The steps in the plan are as follows:


We get the key players into a room to collect your dreams, plans, stories and ideas. The workshops are fun, interactive, educational, and inspirational. In these strategy workshops we discover the unique elements of your business. It’s like panning for gold. Clients often don’t know that they’re sitting on amazing stories or social media opportunities.

This facilitated workshop allows participants to identify risks, agree on key messages, clarify target markets and develop a media strategy.

Example Content (subject to customisation)

  • Establish your vision, mission and specific media objectives
  • Identify your audiences
  • Develop media messages
  • Identify key influencers who could support your stories/messages
  • Identify key ambassadors who could support your stories/messages
  • Identify media risks and develop counter narratives
  • Identify case studies that support your messaging
  • Decide which media to target
  • Consider possible events
  • Consider using philanthropy as a tool to attract positive media
  • Consider how all of the above could be used to enhance your social media profile
  • Consider how all of the above could be featured in video content


After the workshop, we research your industry and identify opportunities in Melbourne, Victoria, nationally or internationally. We develop a Social Media Strategy which includes a 12-month schedule of key dates, an events timeline, targeted social channels, digital advertising options and social media style protocols.


News Cycle

A good PR and Social Media plan is written with your city’s news cycle in mind. We create events and stories that position you to connect with topical media stories to elevate exposure for your organisation and spokespeople.

Your audience

We create your brand’s social persona, marketplace value proposition, multiple and or singular target markets.

Social Media Style Protocols

We establish your organisation’s online look, feel, and persona, and give your team a clear set of rules: How often to post, what to post, how to deal with online trolls. You will get clear community management guidelines, along with clear font, voice, style, authority, sales and call to action guidelines.

12-month PR and Social Media Strategy Action Document

Within four weeks of the workshop, we present you with a detailed PR and Social Media plan you can either implement yourself, or that we can implement on your behalf.

Organisational Interview Kit

You will receive an interview kit which contains key media messages, sound bites, industry and organisational stats, trends and data, and case studies to support those messages.

SWOT Analysis

What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for your organisation within the context of your sector?

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Melbourne Public Relations (PR) Campaigns

We are a PR campaign agency that has accomplished many successful PR campaign management projects in the past. We combine three key elements that come together to make an impactful PR campaign. At Good Talent PR our professional and dedicated senior consultants bring those elements together to deliver a successful campaign that meets your needs and delivers results.

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The elements of a successful public relations campaign

  • Identify and be clear on your main goal or objective
  • Identify your target audience/s
  • Develop clear messaging to achieve your objective including a call to action

Goals and Objectives

There are many ways of approaching a public relations campaign. The design of your plan will depend on your main objective.

Do you want to:

  • Raise awareness of an issue
  • Increase brand identity
  • Increase your sales or donor base
  • Influence government policy on a social or economic issue

Target Audience

Once we have the main objective clarified we will identify the target audience and key influencers and decision makers we need to reach out to.

Finding your target audience is essential to achieving your objective. You need these people to understand your PR efforts and get on board with your stories and brand identity.

We will identify the media outlets best suited to reach the people you need to talk to.


Every Public Relations campaign needs a strong and clear high-level key message to lead the campaign and provoke the change you want to see or motivate people to get behind your call to action.

Our expertise in developing successful PR campaigns will assist you to clarify and deliver the messages needed to reach your target audience and meet your campaign objectives.

We will make sure your campaign messaging (e.g. press release) reaches the people you need to influence and educate. Our combined expertise in journalism and PR sets us apart in the industry. We know how to work with you to create the messages and how to pitch to our media relations – journalists and news editors in targeted publications.

Contact us today for more information on creating an outstanding PR campaign that gets results.

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Internal Communications

Need advice from an expert about your Internal Communications?

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Internal Communications Agency / Internal Communication Training

As the leading internal communication agency, Good Talent PR specialises in developing effective internal communications strategy, running workshops and training for your organisation.

Internal PR and External PR

Many organisations overlook internal communications when developing a communications strategy. However internal communications are just as vital as external communications. Having a well designed internal pr communications strategy that aligns with your organisations’ strategic plan will ensure a healthy organisational culture that engages staff and improves productivity.

What is Internal Communications

Your workforce can be your greatest asset and advocates or your loudest critics. How often do you hear of an organisation that is not valued by its workforce. “It’s not a great place to work; they don’t really tell us what’s going on or ask us how we think it is going. We don’t feel valued.”

Alternatively, in an organisation with a good culture and health internal communications you are more likely to hear staff comments like; “It’s a great place to work, we have a staff newsletter that we contribute to and regular updates from our CEO and executive team that allow us to give feedback.”

Internal communications plan should be developed with your HR team and aligned with your organisational strategic plan. Having a strong internal communications strategy in place is vital to achieving your goals and objectives. It includes activities such as:

  • Regular internal newsletter that allows for staff contribution and feedback – tailored to the culture of your organisation
  • Regular CEO and executive/director updates (high-level summary of important issues or advocacy campaigns for example)
  • Intranet or electronic staff noticeboard
  • Staff surveys
What are the benefits of having an internal communications strategy?
  • Build staff satisfaction
  • Contribute to healthy organisational culture
  • Engage staff and increase productivity and workplace pride
  • Align staff practices more closely with your vision and mission
How can Good Talent help you?
Our PR team will meet with you and discuss your current internal communications and develop a proposal to work with your executive team and staff reps to get a strategy in place.
Elements of developing your internal communications strategy include:
  • GTPR review your strategic plan and current internal communications status
  • GTPR conducts a half-day workshop with leadership team and front-line staff representative (this would ideally be a small group of 4-6 people)
  • From this workshop, GTPR develops a draft internal communications strategy that aligns with your strategic plan
  • GTPR provides final strategy and assists in implementation phase if required
Contact us today to get started on developing an effective internal communications plan/strategy that will help you achieve your organisations objectives and goals and build a great organisational culture.
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