Launch Housing engaged Good Talent Media to promote our social enterprise, HomeGround Real Estate, to property owners that we had not been able to reach by the methods we had so far employed. They understood our project very quickly and brought a depth of knowledge that we do not hold as a not-for-profit service delivery agency. They secured excellent and highly relevant media coverage, including Channel 7 TV and ABC Radio’s PM program as well as online stories and coverage in The Age.

Good Talent Media also worked with us to develop and present a breakfast briefing on HomeGround Real Estate to an invited audience of professionals able to help grow our business. The event was held at the NAB function centre in Collins Street and was very successful. In particular, it was informative, well-paced and well targeted to the interests of the audience. We have had considerable follow-up interest from this event.

I have found Good Talent Media very easy to work with and that they always bring a lot of extra value.