Every organisation has a great story to tell, but there is an art to telling that story to the media. You only get one shot and you want to make the most of it!

Media training can teach you the skills to tell your story succinctly and with impact.

When you become known as an effective spokesperson, the media will return to you again and again for commentary on your area of expertise.

But how do you select the right Media Trainer?

Expertise is key

When selecting a Media Trainer, make sure they have national presenting and reporting experience. Unless your Media Trainer has personally been in the furnace of the 24-hour news cycle, they will only be able to speak from a theoretical perspective, instead of with the benefit of experience.

A lot of Media Trainers know media and love the media. There’s no doubting they are often very knowledgeable, but you need to get the most out of your training, you need to tap into the experience of a seasoned performer.

Extensive media training experience is also important. When I first started media training I was so eager to please I did exactly what clients asked me to, they virtually designed their own workshops. But hundreds of sessions later, I’m in control and I know exactly how to turn nerves into confidence and ideas into hot stories.

Enthusiasm is contagious

Our in studio media training sessions are always the highlight of my week. We take CEOs and senior managers from nerves to trepidation to competency to brilliance in the space of four hours.

And then, for good measure we throw in two free one-hour follow ups.

I never get tired of seeing the transformation. I admire their courage above all else. It takes great courage to confront your fears and face a camera and a potential barrage of tough questions. I always get a high out of seeing spokespeople dramatically improve and gain the confidence to even enjoy the experience.

Always chat to the Media Trainer before you commit to a session. You’ll not only get a good idea of what they will cover, but you can also determine if they still have the spark of excitement for the job, which is very important!

Keep it local

When it comes to choosing a Media Trainer, location is vital. Every state has different media outlets and varying priorities. Your Media Trainer needs to have experience with dealing with local media and know the media landscape of the city where your business is based.

If you’re based in Melbourne, choose a Media Trainer who is also based in Melbourne. They will have the strongest relationships with the Melbourne media and they will understand the Melbourne media market. They will know exactly which journalist covers the area most relevant to your story, giving you the best chance of achieving great coverage.

Shop around for in-person follow up support

Your Media Trainer should be there for you for all your big press moments. The training is important, but the follow-up is key. There is no point getting really fit and having a great game plan if you don’t warm up before the grand final.

Many of our clients call us as soon as their big media moments are booked. What do we do then?

We get together. We anticipate the tough questions, we get clear on our goal, our audience, our messages and our story. We practice different variations of the interview ad nauseam.

We support you when it matters the most.

Four key takeaways when selecting a Melbourne Media Trainer

  • Choose someone with national presenting and reporting experience.
  • Make sure they still have a spark of excitement for the job.
  • If you’re in Melbourne, choose a Melbourne based Media Trainer.
  • Shop for in-person follow up media support to help you prepare for your interview.
Tony Nicholls

Tony Nicholls

Founder and Director of Good Talent Media

Tony Nicholls is an accomplished journalist who has held roles for more than ten years with the ABC, SBS and Network Ten, covering thousands of news stories across Victoria, Australia and in the international media.


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