Executive Presentation Skills Training


Virtual Executive Presentation Training

Our virtual presentation & public speaking courses are designed to help you overcome your nerves and speak confidently. Our coaches will teach you a simple technique to quickly and confidently prepare for any type of speech.

CEO Presentation Training

Four-hour initial session, plus two one-hour CEO follow-up sessions

INCLUDES 12 months ongoing media interview support plus an Online Training Subscription

After this series of hands on workshops, you’ll be able to speak confidently and deliver key messages.

Includes twelve months ongoing public speaking support

Content: (subject to customisation)
  • Get your message across clearly
  • Learn the art of quick speech preparation
  • Manage fear & build confidence
  • Easing your nerves
  • Building confidence
  • Creating a plan
  • Starting strongly
  • Engage the audience
  • How to use humour
Active Adult Learning Structure
  • Theory: presentation structures
  • Theory: presentation styles
  • Practice: write a great presentation
  • Practice: prepare a presentation quickly
  • Practice: delivering a speech
  • The trainee will give a number of speeches, detailed feedback will be provided and new techniques will be demonstrated.
  • All public speaking theory is reinforced by practice
Ongoing Learning
  • Public speaking training manual
  • Vimeo link to the workshop video
  • Twelve months of ongoing public speaking support and access to the Principal Consultant via telephone, email and text.

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