More Can Be Less: The Lie of “Keeping It Short” in Interviews

Back when I was a journalist at the ABC, part of the journey was 5am radio reporting shifts. I clearly remember doing a recorded interview with a CEO from a not-for-profit peak body on a pressing issue at the time. She would speak for two sentences and stopped. Then she would speak for another two sentences and stop.

Why Media Interviews Aren’t Conversations

A lot of media interviews go sideways because the interviewee thinks that it’s like a conversation. In fact, here are three of the biggest mistakes you can make in a media interview.

Got A Media Interview? Sandwich Your Story

Get your message across with a sandwich (not the bread-and-butter kind). Media interviews can be a PR nightmare. Whether on-the-spot or planned, even the most seasoned CEO may fall back on providing off-the-cuff answers and hoping for the best. But that’s not a strategy; it’s a recipe for disaster. Using the sandwich method, you will create a compelling message that will make any journalist take notice and get your story covered the way you want.

7 Questions to Tell if You Need Media Training

If you Answer YES to these 7 questions, you probably need media training. I have clients come to me for media training due to a number of reasons.  Sometimes it’s a pressing issue and they have a media interview coming up, sometimes it’s because the...