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Story Creation Meeting

Unlock the Power of Your Brand’s Narrative

At Good Talent Media, we understand that every brand has a unique story waiting to be told. That’s why we offer our specialised Story Creation Meetings – a collaborative meeting designed to uncover the heart of your message and develop a compelling narrative strategy.

Our Approach: Inspired by the Experts

Drawing on the expertise of renowned Melbourne-based PR specialists like Good Talent Media, our Story Creation Meetings are guided by these core principles

Journalistic Insight – We dig deep into your brand’s origins, values, and impact, just as a journalist would when crafting a powerful story.

Audience Focus – We identify your target audiences and pinpoint the types of stories that resonate with them.

Strategic Storytelling – We craft a narrative framework to effectively communicate your key messages across various platforms.

What to Expect in a Story Creation Meeting

Collaborative Brainstorming – Our team will work closely with yours to unlock fresh perspectives and generate ideas.

Story Mapping – We’ll visually outline the key elements of your brand’s story, ensuring consistency and clarity.

Messaging Development – We’ll help you craft impactful core messages that capture your brand’s and message essence.

Actionable Plan – You’ll leave with a clear roadmap for using your story in marketing, PR, and internal communications.

Benefits of a Story Creation Meeting

Enhanced Brand Identity – Define what makes your brand unique and compelling.

Stronger Media Outreach – Have newsworthy stories ready to pitch to journalists

Increased Audience Engagement – Connect with your target audience on a deeper level through authentic storytelling.

Internal Alignment – Ensure everyone on your team understands and embodies your brand’s story.

Next Steps After Story Creation Meeting

Monthy PR Plan


The 12-month PR plan lets you see the direction, tactics, and progression to brand goals clearly. We’re a make it happen PR agency

Reactive & Proactive Pitching


Our team of ex-journalists get their black book out and start getting you featured. We proactively pitch your stories and your messages to target media

Coordination of Media Interviews


We assist by helping you practice the interview before hand, get the content right and off you go to achieve your goals.


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