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A specialist PR agency gives your organisation exposure in mainstream media publications you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. When you hire Good Talent, you’ll be connected to very senior, talented and experienced media specialists who are amazing at what they do. Our team has an exceptional understanding of the role that creative and intelligence-led campaigns play in PR. From online to traditional media, we help Australian industry leaders engage the public with secure, effective, on-brand media coverage to create maximum visibility and cultural impact. If you’d like an integrated approach to your PR and communications strategy and enjoy national media coverage, organise your campaign with Good Talent today.

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Good Talent Media is a full-service communications and PR agency in Melbourne and Sydney. Led by a team of ex-journalists with decades of experience, we work closely with you and your team to achieve your goals. When you want personalised attention, excellent business strategy and client service from day one, we are ready to deliver organised, results-driven PR strategy in close alignment with your vision, passion and energy. Whether you need to convey a sense of urgency, spread an important message, generate consumer interest, attract sponsors and donors or manage an immediate crisis, we are ready to help.

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We are a reliable PR agency with strong connections to the world of mainstream media for maximum cultural impact.

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The Good Talent team is made up of current and ex-journalists with years of experience behind them. It’s this experience working with industry leaders, public figures and influential organisations, that sets us apart from other PR agencies in Melbourne and Sydney. You can trust us when we say we know how to get your story in the media.
We have over 50 years’ of experience in journalism, and have worked with the ABC, SBS, 10, BBC, The Guardian, Vice, Crikey, 3AW and more. That’s why we’re considered a leading PR agency in Melbourne. Our media managementreputation management specialists create compelling narratives for your business and your audience; through strong media connections and relationships.

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As a full-service strategic PR and communication firm with strong networks, we deliver clear actionable branding and media strategies focused on your objectives. We organise and execute events and launches, media training, crisis management plans, corporate training and more to bring value and mainstream relevance to your business. When you want your PR and communications run to perfection, Good Talent offers tailored support with big-agency thinking, flexibility, creativity and individuality.

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Full PR & Media Suite Production For Big Businesses

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Our senior team has led some of Australia’s largest corporations, working with the most well-known brands in their category. We have the experience to achieve what is required by our clients and are proud to enjoy great working public relationships based on trust, dedication and shared goals. We regularly initiate and manage lifestyle media campaigns, product launches, sponsorship activities, business stories and more.

When you need a full media suite production for your PR and communications, we’re a reliable agency with strong industry connections to create incredible cultural impact. Are you ready to transform your campaign into a responsive, creative and innovative strategy that excites your audience? Consult Good Talent’s PR and communication experts today.

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